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7+6 5mm no heartbeat

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cbroado Mon 11-Feb-19 18:29:33

this time last year we had a positive pregnancy test after ttc on our first round of chlomid

we had a private scan at 6 weeks and saw a heartbeat, we then went for another scan at 9 weeks and our baby stopped growing with no heartbeat around 6+6, opted for a d+c and started chlomid 3 months later and started to ttc again.

unfortunately 8 months later no positive test so our doctor reffered us for ivf treatment however 2 days after booking our intial appointment we unexpectedly got our BFP

Last period was 18/12/18.. had spotting at 6+1 so booked a private scan, we saw yolk sac and tiny fetus measuring 2mm but no heartbeat which we was assured its simply to early and to come back in around 2 weeks to see how things are progressing. 10 days later at 7+4 fetus measured 6mm but still no heartbeat. Reffered to our local EPU 2 days later (today 11/02) which would make me 7+6.. they scanned and confirmed fetus is still 6mm (no heartbeat). We asked for sonographers honest opinion and she said unfortunately its highly unlikely things will of advanced next week so we have to go back next monday to confirm non viable pregnancy and d+c that afternoon

hoping to hear from other people with postive outcomes with similar situations.

is there hope for a hearbeat next week

we know this is unlikely and we are prepared for the news but hanging onto every bit of hope we can

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