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*possible trigger warning*

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darkangel91 Sun 03-Feb-19 16:44:03

So I have a friend who suffers the same mental health illness as me - she had a miscarriage about 2/3 months ago.
Sadly this is were the trigger warning comes in; she was sexual assaulted while drunk with her now ex boyfriend.
She took a pregnancy test 3 days ago but ended up in A&E due to tummy pains and all full of flu,
They did a test at the hospital with a scan saying there was no baby (I worked out she is about 3/4 weeks gone if she is pregnant) she did another test today and it's come up negative - do you think she has had a false negative?
Only reason I'm asking is I had a similar experience before I had a clear blue positive (so blue dye) she has used a First Response test (so pink dye)

Neverbroken Thu 21-Feb-19 02:42:02

I believe so. I can see that line & my eyesight is terrible... also don’t have my glasses on. If she is also only 3/4 weeks they wouldn’t see anything anyway. Scans show from earliest about 5/6 weeks I think so I would recommend getting a Clear blue test with the window that shows you how many weeks she’d be. Good luck to your friend x

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