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Waiting to miscarry Doctor won't help my pregnancy

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CLSDoc Sat 02-Feb-19 10:07:04

I am currently 4+2. My hcg started doubling every 38 hours, then 48 hours, now 54 hours. They remain quite low at 99 (4+1). My progesterone has dropped from 29.7 (nearly) to 22.6 (about 7ng). My breasts are back to normal but cervix remains high and temp is still up. I know this means miscarriage is impending, although GP is driving me insane saying my numbers are still encouraging. I asked for progesterone support but they spoke to gynae who say they never give it. This will be my third early miscarriage in 4 months, due to, I assume, low progesterone.

I feel so angry that there may be a solution here and the doctors won't help me. I'm so sad that this pregnancy won't end in a baby again. I'm so worried that if they won't support my progesterone that I'll never have a successful pregnancy.

Just wanting some support while I wait for the bleeding to start really...

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moonpeace Sun 03-Feb-19 11:08:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Thumbellini Sun 03-Feb-19 20:18:39

So sorry to hear this, I have also had my third early miscarriage between 4 and 5 weeks last month. It's shit. I think you need to find a recurrent miscarriage specialist in your area and either get a referral from your gp or just go privately. This is what I did this time I was so fed up of the same thing happening. He gave me a prescription for clexane and progesterone from BFP and a daily baby aspirin to start now. He said that there is no proof it works but he says he sees results wether it's placebo or what I don't know.

Apologies for the essay but hope my ramble helps flowers

CLSDoc Sun 03-Feb-19 21:47:15

@Thumbellini thanks for your support. I have an appointment in March which was arranged after my last mc. Unfortunately it is with the same team who refused to give progesterone when we asked this time. I have been taking baby aspirin. At the moment this one is still clinging on, tests are still darkening, so maybe there is a little bit of hope. I'm very much still expecting the worst but keeping everything crossed!

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Talkwhilstyouwalk Tue 05-Feb-19 21:42:14

Your HCG is fine for where you are! I'm not sure about progesterone levels as never had mine tested but I would say that extra progesterone is unlikely to save a pregnancy if it is failing as the low progesterone would likely to be a symptom of rather than a cause of a failing pregnancy.

Good luck! I really hope it all works out for you!!

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