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Possible miscarriage??

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ChantelleH10 Wed 30-Jan-19 20:36:53

I’m 18 years old, I’m not actually looking to be a mum right now as I’m a full time student and part time in work. I’m on the pill called cerelle, you take it everyday. I don’t really get a period on this, sometimes but not often I get this brown/black tissue like discharge, which is old blood from rarely getting what I wouldn’t really call a period, it’s just my body cleaning the old stuff out. So anyway, I was feeling unwell so I decided to take a strip test because I don’t get a proper period so I wouldn’t know if I was pregnant. I took it and a faint line was there, it was positive. So I was getting cramps, nothing I couldn’t handle, on and off, a few every so often. Then I took a test a day and a half later and it was negative. So I thought nothing of it, just was relieved I guess. I’m not sure if this has anything to do with it but I never get hungover or ever be sick when I’m drunk or the day after but I felt so unwell after a night out I had to make myself sick, this might not be related but thought I’d add it in just in case. Then yesterday I was in the shower and something came out of me, I messaged my sister as I was scared and she said she thinks I’ve miscarried, this does make me upset, as no one would like to go through this and I am a maternal person. My sister has experienced 2 miscarriages so she recommended I go to a doctor in case that’s what it was to prevent infection. I went to the doctors today, she made me do a test (negative) and says if I’m sick to come back and I’ll get a scan to see if anything is there. Can anyone tell me if they have experienced this or know what this could be?

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