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8+4 measuring 6+3 with no heartbeat - help!

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namechangechanger Sun 27-Jan-19 19:56:18

Hi, I have just been for a private early scan and she asked how far along I was and I said 8+4 from LMP she said are you 100% sure on your dates and I said yes LMP was definitely 28th Nov she then told me the baby was only measuring 6.5mm which she said is 6+3 and she could find no heartbeat. She said the only positive thing she could see is that my uterus wall was thick. She advised I phone EPU tomorrow for a vaginal scan but I don't even know if they will see me as their website states you have to have abdominal pain or bleeding to be seen by them. Has anyone experienced this and had a positive outcome? It doesn't look good does it sad

LillyLeaf Sun 27-Jan-19 21:39:06

I had a private scan last week at my fertility clinic, it had stopped growing and no heartbeat. I ring the EPU and told them about my scan as I wanted a medical management and they want to scan me again, appointment is on Wednesday. I think ring them and explain your last scan. it's likely they will scan you again. Sorry you're going through this, it's utterly crap.

namechangechanger Mon 28-Jan-19 06:52:52

Sorry this is happening to you too it's horrible isn't it. Going to the scan expecting to see your baby and then getting possible bad news. I don't know why but I really didn't think anything would go wrong so it was a really big shock when she said it. I know I'm 100% on my dates and I had a positive pregnancy test on 21st December so I don't think it's possible to be only 6+3 so I'm trying to prepare for the worst but I don't know when they will scan me the lady who did private scan said it could be days before they get me in.

LillyLeaf Mon 28-Jan-19 07:40:32

Ring them as soon as they are open, they'll fit you in at the next appointment, but it could be a few days. The waiting has been the hardest part of this. I was prepared, just because we've had such a hard time even getting pregnant that I think it makes you more aware of what can go wrong, but after I saw the heartbeat I felt a bit more positive. Although most symptoms had gone and I had lower backache which were signs, and I kept thinking I should feel more pregnant. It's so cruel. Look after yourself.

namechangechanger Mon 28-Jan-19 07:53:24

My only symptom was sore boobs and I just felt pregnant. My boobs are barely sore at all now and I no longer feel pregnant. I started a thread on here about a week or so ago about losing symptoms but they seemed to come back but now it looks like I lost them for a reason. I'm still hoping that by some sort of miracle they'll be able to detect a heartbeat on the transvaginal scan. I think they would have seen it on an abdominal at 6+3 anyway though from what I've read.

LillyLeaf Mon 28-Jan-19 08:05:48

I think it's strange you've had a abdominal scan so early, internal are so much better this early. I was nearly 9wks and there was no question that the scan would be internal. I've got everything crossed for you

namechangechanger Mon 28-Jan-19 09:26:49

I've just spoke to midwife who phoned epu and without any bleeding or severe pain they won't see me for a week. This is going to be torture.

LillyLeaf Mon 28-Jan-19 12:23:50

That is awful you have to wait so long. The waiting is so hard. I'm at working today trying to focus and it's too hard.

WhenLifeGivesYouLemonsx Mon 28-Jan-19 13:21:12

I don't want to be bearer of bad news but at 6 weeks they should be able to detect a heartbeat sad but miracles can and do happen! I'm really keeping my fingers crossed for you. It is torture x

namechangechanger Mon 28-Jan-19 14:01:09

Yes they should be able to detect it at 6 weeks, I've been googling like crazy and read lots of stories of people not getting a heartbeat and then a week later they have one. Just holding onto this little bit of hope I think. I have a tilted uterus too I've read this can affect it. Just makes it worse I'm supposed to be 8+4 as well I think sad

namechangechanger Mon 28-Jan-19 20:39:44

I'm getting weird cramps and bad shooting pains tonight. Think it's over for me sadly.

cheeseislife8 Tue 29-Jan-19 12:51:23

Making you wait after being told that is horrendous! I'm so sorry OP

namechangechanger Fri 01-Feb-19 15:35:14

Went for another scan today. Sadly there was still no heartbeat so it's a MMC. Waiting to see if things will happen naturally now but it seems to be taking a hell of a long time (baby measured 6 weeks I should be 9 now) sad

WhenLifeGivesYouLemonsx Fri 01-Feb-19 17:22:34

I'm really so sorry sad thanks

LillyLeaf Fri 01-Feb-19 17:28:24

@namechangechanger I'm so sorry, it's so awful. I took about 2 and a half weeks to bleed after the heartbeat had stopped, but a week after stopping progesterone which probably delayed it. The started bleeding last night then took medical management pills this morning. Hopefully it can happen naturally for you. Look after yourself

namechangechanger Sat 02-Feb-19 07:15:05

Thank you both and @LillyLeaf I'm so sorry you are going through the same thing. It really is horrible isn't it. I'm hating all the waiting, I just want something to happen now so it can be over.

snowdroplet Sat 02-Feb-19 22:23:47

So sorry you are going through this. I have just been through similar. My dates were similar LMP 26/11. I had an early scan on 25/01 and my dates were measuring around 6 weeks too instead of 8+5. There was a heartbeat and nurse told me everything looked good but I was certain of my dates and had an early BFP so knew they were right. I had some cramping and spotting before scan so was a bit concerned but had myself convinced it was normal. I had no idea what to expect so hoping sharing my experience will help you. Bleeding and cramping increased over the next day and even though I knew there was no hope I was hoping for a miracle. Last Sunday I had very bad cramps, with each cramp my heart broke a little bit more and I kept remembering seeing the heartbeat and hoping. The bleeding increased and clots started. It took until Wednesday night to fully miscarry. After that i began to feel physically better but emotionally not so good. I feel so uncontrollably sad and am unable to cope with the smallest things. I shut myself away and haven't really spoke to people and dread having to talk to people about normal things. I wasn't expecting the days of bleeding and wondering was it over or not over, had I already passed everything. Bleeding now has slowed but have been told to expect it to go on for a bit longer. I am a very logical person and thought I was prepared for something like this to happen but I am knocked for six on how heartbroken and emotional I am. Sorry no idea if this is any help I like to know what to expect so hope its some help.

zoomies1 Mon 04-Feb-19 16:11:03

In a similar position. Had an early scan on Thursday. I’m pretty sure I ovulated 24th December but recently had the coil out so wasn’t 100% confident on dates. They said it was 6.5 mm and would expect to at least see a tiny flicker of a heartbeat but there was nothing. I actually think I should be a week further along than this. I have to go back next Monday to rescan just in case but it’s not looking positive. If it’s going to happen, i wish it would just happen. I flew out on my honeymoon on Friday so sitting here trying to think of other things..... also sitting on my own because this morning DH told me he is worried I’m using it as an excuse to not do as much exercise and he is worried I’m going to get really out of shape!
I’m pretty logical and have just accepted it but I still have my moments and now I don’t want to be anywhere near him either.
Sorry, I don’t mean to take things off track. Just feeling pretty alone right now.

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