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Ano172 Sun 20-Jan-19 22:08:01

Hello, I missed my period in December and thought I was pregnant. Early this week I started bleed (Tuesday) the next day I was in so much pain with cramps. I continued to bleed a little passing a few clots and then I went to the doctors on Friday she check and said I’m not now but might have been. I personally think I’ve had a miscarriage because this just feels different. The bleeding has stopped but I have the most painful back ache. I can’t sit or stand without my lower back hurting. It’s just cramping all the time. Did anyone else experience this with 9 week miscarriage? TOA

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Martini123 Wed 23-Jan-19 12:15:58

I had back ache but only during the actual process of miscarriage and early pregnancy. It would be definitely worth getting checked out properly. It sounds like a really horrendous situation you are going through... Take care xx

Ano172 Wed 23-Jan-19 12:47:24

Thank you. I’m still having bad backache I think if it continues I’m going to have to go back to the doctors. The thing that I’m struggling with now it how I’m feeling mentally - I feel sad every time I think about it but I feel like other people won’t understand. They are right when they say it’s a lonely process!!!

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Martini123 Wed 23-Jan-19 13:16:35

It's the loneliest process ever - I totally get when you wonder if people will understand. Most likely not i have to say... Do you talk to your partner about it? Do you know of anyone else who has miscarried? Could you access a support group or counseling? I find forums can help too. The whole thing is shit. I read fertility books which helped me and have started using the programme from it starts with the egg book. Sending you love, know you're not alone and sticky baby dust to you xxx

cheeseislife8 Tue 29-Jan-19 13:07:24

How are you doing now @Ano174 ? I had horrendous backache too throughout the night I physically miscarried and for a couple of days afterward. Thinking of you

Ano172 Tue 29-Jan-19 13:23:44

I’m doing ok. Still dealing with it all emotionally. Still having back ache and I have had the odd spots of blood when I have wiped.. not sure why

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