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Miscarriage or ectopic I’m so confused!

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dolly92x Sun 02-Dec-18 07:02:10

Hi all,

About 2 weeks ago I found out I was pregnant after years of not getting pregnant (I already have a child age 7) I got diognosed with blocked falopian tubes, around 4years ago, so as you can imagine I believed I couldn’t/wouldn’t get pregnant without IVF, I sort of got used to this, now been with my new partner 3years, i woke up to sore breasts constant tiredness and dizzy spells, so off to the doctors I went she did bloods and urine they didn’t come back till a few days later, she phoned me confirmed I was pregnant, I nearly fell off my chair, but she was concerned because my HcG levels were low for how far I should of been from my last period (6 weeks 4days) but as I said to the doctor, I also do suffer with PCOS so my periods are irregular. Anyway! Since finding out I was pregnant I was shocked Ofcourse, but happy with the idea, I made a trip to the hospital to the Epu unit (early pregnancy unit) where they wanted to monitor my bloods every 48hrs to check they are rising, my first set was 31, my second 72, third 150 fourth 251 .. so it was still ok at this point untill my next set was 259. It had only budged by ‘8’ so now panic mode kicks in, my arms are terribly bruised I’m worn out from this hospital constantly even though I know they are a great help it’s just very draining experience. So I started having a bit of pelvic pain, straight away up to a&e as I’ve read a million and one stories about ectopic pregnancy, so they scanned me and absolutely nothing showed up in my womb (I did have a previous scan and nothing there too, but this was thought because I was soooo early on that my dates didn’t match my ovulation date) so they checked over everywhere and still couldn’t see anything, so still having cramps, I ended up staying all day up the hospital worried senseless, the doctor told me my Hcg levels were dropping sad them dreaded words I never wanted to hear, but I know this happens, so i went home woke up next day to some brown discharge (not prune juice type) as I’ve read a lot of ectopic can be like that, but only when I wiped, anyway this was with cramps and achey back, day after I had a slight bit of blood, but had an appointment up hospital for more bloods so I told the doctor and he said not t worry as it’s not ‘gushing’ out of me and I’m not in any ‘severe’ pain & I would know about it if I was, so I’ve woken up today, gone for a wee, no blood in toilet but there is when I wipe it is red blood but it’s not heavy at all, no gushing just achey hips, I’ve heard ectopic is on the one side, when I ache or have cramps, it’s generally all over! Just want some advice really, I know I’m going to lose the baby one way or another I’ve got used to that fact now but just wanted to hear people’s experiences, if this sounds similar to anyone’s ectopic pregnancy or period? thanks for reading sorry it’s like a essay! (Also my hcg levels are lowering but slower than they would like, more bloods tomorrow and scan booked in wednesday!

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