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Options after mmc

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Sallysue82 Fri 23-Nov-18 10:30:33

Hello, I wonder if anyone can help by telling me the procedure on the NHS. I had a missed miscarriage a few months ago and ended up having 3 weeks off work with the scan appts and the miscarriage etc (I work tues, wed, thurs - and get no sick pay due to my self employed status). I actually had the miscarriage naturally just before my second scan was scheduled. I lost baby at 12 weeks but initial scan revealed baby had stopped growing at 6.
This time I had feeling all was not right due to no MS so booked private scan (to avoid more time off work) which revealed slow heart beat at 8w4d so they booked me in for a second scan 1 week later (free of charge) which I had last night and no HB detected. I now have the next 4 days off work but epu want me to have a scan on tues (when I'm back in work) as they want their own confirmation. This is frustrating for me because it is confirmation for them and not me, and Im feeling very sorry for myself and feel like I'm the one that matters not them. People are having legal abortions on perfectly healthy babies so why do they need confirmation baby has died when I have 2 scans with reports. Anyway I'm sorry for that bit of a rant I don't think it's fully sunk in, I'm unusually angry but not really upset. but if I take tues off work and I opt for medical management, will they make me take the first tablet there and then? Ideally, if I understand things right, I would like to take the first tablet on Wednesday evening after work and then the second tablet on Thursday evening after work and then I won't be back in work until Tuesday so hopefully won't need any days off. Do you think that is possible in terms of the NHS allowing me to do that when my scan is on tues morning and is it feasible to take the first tablet and go to work the following day, and will I likely be OK to return to work on tues? I'm running out of excuses to tell my work colleagues plus if I do manage to have a baby I want to have enough money saved to take a decent maternity leave Many thanks xxx

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