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Lletz Procedure and miscarriage

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NotToday1601 Mon 19-Nov-18 11:36:24

Hi there
I am posting for traffic as I know that it is common for women to have abnormal cells at smear which require treating.
I have heard that some NHS hospitals are no longer performing a LLETZ procedure on women who have not yet had children due to potential complications. Does anyone else have any experience of this?

I had a multiple punch biopsy followed by a LLETZ procedure in April of this year for the removal of CIN2 and CIN3 cells to be removed. I was advised not to fall pregnant until I had the all clear. All clear received within a couple of weeks so started IVF treatment and fell pregnant in July.

Fast forward to October of this year and I started to bleed, admitted into hospital where it was confirmed my cervix was open and funnelling slightly, went to theatre for a cervical stitch but it was too late as my bleeding was continuing and the doctors said it was not safe to stitch. Baby was doing fine in there. I was sent home and 4 days later I delivered my little boy at home just shy of 16 weeks.

Our hospital are giving us mixed answers about whether or not the LLETZ procedure could have caused the issues with my cervix and I wondered what, if any, experience other ladies might have had with this.

Apologies if this post is triggering for anybody thanks

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