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TTC with OPK after MMC

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Nemo145 Mon 19-Nov-18 10:19:24

I have had the same issue. Last month I had a peak solid smiley face after 2 days of a flashing smile (this was normal for me before my miscarriage). This month I am on day 7 of a flashing smile. It’s so frustrating but I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’m not getting my LH surge this month which means no ovulating or conception. After a miscarriage your hormones can be a bit interrupted. Hopefully back to normal next month.

Eantonette Mon 12-Nov-18 10:34:57

Hi I’m wondering if anyone can offer any words of wisdom as I think I’m going mad! I had a missed misscarriage last month, I found out at an early scan at 11 weeks that my baby had sadly died at 9 weeks. I was utterly devasted as it was our first pregnancy and I had no idea that anything was wrong. I had an EPRC op done on the 24th October and was told by the nurse that there was no reason not to try again soon other than for dating reasons. I have recently bought a Clue Blue ovulation test as I had the symptoms of ovulation a week after the Op. the first two days were circles and for the last 7 days I have had flashing faces but no peak. Does this mean I am not going to ovulate this cycle?

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