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Miscarriage at 10weeks but positive test after 7

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l1993c Fri 02-Nov-18 20:56:25

Hey this is my first post here.
I miscarried at 10 weeks (with a blighted ovum which supposedly stopped developing at 6weeks.) I had medical management 7 weeks ago.
I’ve had my HCG monitored closely as it was dropping slowly. 4 weeks ago it was 164 then 139 but from Last Friday my HCG was 49 after dropping from 70 the week before. I took a pregnancy test Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.. all were negative. Just to be sure I took a digital clear blue test today and it was positive.
Last Friday I had what looked like cervical mucous (quite a bit of it) but other than that I’ve had no bleeding pain etc for approx 5 weeks.
What is going on? HCG getting tested again next week but I’m so confused. Surely it can’t suggest a new pregnancy this early? I don’t feel like I did when I found out last time. Any help would be really appreciated it all very new to me.

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Boo2you Sat 03-Nov-18 11:00:38

I had an issue with my HCG dropping slowly (the levels were up for 2 and a half months) after I had to have a TFMR at 12 weeks, the hospital preg test kept showing negative but the clearblue ones kept showing positive - I think they are just more sensitive- in the end I had a blood test which showed my levels were higher than normal but not high enough to be pregnant and two weeks later they were pretty much back to normal!

l1993c Sat 03-Nov-18 11:18:35

Thanks for sharing your story. It’s crazy how long it’s taking compare to other experiences. The strips say they can detect HCG from 20.
Last Friday it was 49 in blood work but by Monday when I took the test it was negative. I assumed my levels had dropped significantly by then. But perhaps not. It’s so annoying not knowing what’s going on.

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KatieJayne86 Sat 03-Nov-18 13:09:09

It took me 7 weeks post medical management to test negative (hospital tests and 20mlu ones at home). I have bled the whole way through though!

l1993c Sat 03-Nov-18 13:47:08

Thanks for the message. I haven’t bled for like 5 weeks. And even when I was it was for a total of 5 days here and there. I had no pain whatsoever and physically felt fine throughout.
I think I’m maybe just too hopeful that it is the start of another pregnancy. After 4 weeks of the bleeding stopping I had a scan which showed a black space. They said it was probably just fluid. We had hope it could be another pregnancy. I’ve not had another scan since. We just hoped it would be over with quickly to get back to normality the body is a crazy thing.

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