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Recurrent miscarriage clinic - what to expect

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Mangoo Wed 31-Oct-18 10:29:35


Currently experiencing my 4th miscarriage in just over a year.

I got pregnant nearly immediately after my 3rd miscarriage so am currently waiting for my appointment at the clinic whilst going through my 4th.

Anyone who's been before, please let me know your experiences...

My main question is whether it made you feel better and brought any positive light to the situation.

Were the consultants sensitive? My biggest concern is getting an insensitive Dr who will just tell me I'm wasting my time and to give up now (not in those words of course but you see what I mean).

Were they actually enthusiastic in helping you achieve a successful pregnancy?

I am pretty confident that I already know the reason for my miscarriages as my mother had a balanced translocation and had 8 miscarriages herself. The advice to her at the time was to just keep trying till it worked which of course it did because here I am.

I'm trying to work out whether there is really any benefit in me going? Will I feel supported or just like another patient? Or like my fear,1 will hearing just cold facts from an insensitive Dr make me feel worse?

I am trying very hard not to let myself spiral into depression or lose hope. I'm very cautious not to risk that.

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Mangoo Wed 31-Oct-18 10:33:48

Just to add if I do have the same translocation as my mother which is the most likely cause as it is hereditary then there is no treatment which is why I'm wondering if there is any use in me going.

If I feel supported then I believe it will help my mental attitude towards it, if I don't I think it will make me worse.

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Munchies89 Sat 03-Nov-18 21:51:29

Hi @mangoo

So sorry for your losses!!x

Just wanted to let you know that I have had 5 miscarriages and also a carrier for balanced translocation. I was seen in the recurrent miscarriage clinic in coventry and they told me to keep trying but after the 5th it got too much and I'm now on a list to have IVF with PGD. It may be an option for you too if you were interested?x

Mangoo Sun 04-Nov-18 00:06:34

Thank you so much for replying! And sorry to hear about your losses. I hope everything works out well for you with IVF.

Were they confident that it would eventually work if you were to just keep trying naturally? I'm only 25 so keen to try naturally for a while longer. Of course, the mental strain is the hardest part.

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Mangoo Sun 04-Nov-18 00:10:40

I would be interested in IVF with pgd but I just don't know if it's something I will qualify for with my partner already having children. It's not something I could afford privately at the moment (or I doubt ever).

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Munchies89 Sun 04-Nov-18 08:26:09

There is a very strict criteria so I'm not sure if you would qualify either with your partner having children.
They said it was a 50/50 chance with every pregnancy if it was going to be affected or not. They did seem confident that eventually I would have a healthy egg and everything would be okay but it was just getting more difficult with each loss, especially with seeing the heartbeat a few times and 2 of them being nearly 12 weeks.
I am worried that all of my eggs are going to be affected. Plus it's difficult for us as we knew years ago that I was a carrier and that we would probably have a child with the condition and we had completely accepted that so now that they aren't surviving it's hard to accept. It's also very hard not having the hope of being pregnant each month to keep us going, even though every new pregnancy was nerve wracking.
I'm 29 so still have plenty of time but it doesn't feel like that when we've been in this position for nearly 2 years xx

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