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1st af after mc

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spugs Sun 17-Jun-07 17:15:03

Hi, i have got my 1st af after my mc. My cycle has stayed about the same (30 days) but its not like normal. Sorry but this is way tmi. Its a lot lighter and the cramps I ve been having since ov stopped as soon as i got it. The thing that I m finding really strange though is the colour of the blood. Its very dark brown (almost black)with the occassional bit of bright red.Theres no clots or any thing but this is my 5th day of bleeding and there normally stopping by now while this one doesnt seem to be. Has anyone else had this happen or know what it might be? My periods after giving birth have always been normal and gone back the way they were.

lilolilmanchester Sun 17-Jun-07 17:28:51

not medically qualified so can't comment on your bleeding. I know mine was a bit odd for a while after m/c but too long ago to remember the details. Just wanted to bump for you and say sorry to hear about your mc.

spugs Sun 17-Jun-07 18:57:49


BishyBarneyBee Sun 17-Jun-07 19:01:11

my 1st period after mc was unusual and then it settled down after a while.

Clots and lots of pain are things to look out for - but all you described sounds quite normal to me.

I remember it as also being a very sad 'I am not pregnant' reminder.

sorry to hear of your loss.

BellaBear Sun 17-Jun-07 19:06:25

my first period after my mc was very odd, different colour, different flow, different pain.
Then subsequent periods were all back to normal.

Sorry to hear about your mc

lissie Sun 17-Jun-07 19:12:05

oh spugs {{{{hug}}}}} post-mc your body takes a bit of time to settle back down. after each of my mcs the first couple of periods were very odd, and not one was the same, the same goes for cycle lengths. remember that miscarriage is physically very traumatic and your body is just trying to regulate itself again. do you have CAT?

poppy34 Sun 17-Jun-07 21:59:07

spugs -sorry to hear about your m/c.

Yes first af after m/c always a real odd affair - I did bleed more/for longer than usual and it wasnt like my usual period (either quite old stuff -dark brown or very new red blood -sorry if TMI).

also found that my cycles were longer after 2nd m/c -don't know if that will happen to you but did seem to change my body.

berolina Sun 17-Jun-07 22:02:34

I'm sorry for your loss.

My first period after my third mc was physically normal, but emotionally very different - I had very definite PMT, which I'd never had before (or since). My cycles (which vary by a few days) also seemed to have got longer by about a day on average since. (I did only have three periods after my third mc, am happily pg again, but the change was noticeable). Like you I found these changes more striking than anything I had after ds, apart from the bf-induced amenorrhea of course. My theory is that mc really can knock your system for six for a bit.

spugs Wed 20-Jun-07 12:09:35

congrats on being pregnant again berolina.
Lissie, im not sure if i have CAT but ill try it next time im at home and the internets working. Thanks for your messages its made me feel like this is normal rather then worrying about it. Im CD8 and af is still here, more red then brown now though (TMI). Do ylou know if ill still ov around the same time as i would have if my af ahd been normal length? we were going to continue trying but im seriously doubting if it will work this month as my body seems to be more messed up then i thought . Once again thanks for the support x

spugs Thu 21-Jun-07 15:41:00

cd 9 and still going

mumto3girls Thu 21-Jun-07 15:52:20

how long after your mc did this bleeding start?

spugs Fri 22-Jun-07 15:56:04

30 days after I started to mc, i bled for about a week and a half with the mc so Im counting this as my first af. Looks like its begining to stop though hopefully.

alinjosh Sun 24-Jun-07 12:53:37

Hi i have just got my 1st af after miscarriage 6 weeks ago i had cramping for 2 days and am bleeding quite heavily soaking through pads in an hour or less this is cd 3 and the flow is not easing of,also got small clots and stringy bits in it (tmi), with my mc in 2004 i went back to a normal cycle every 28 days and was just light like my usual periods,(my af are only very light and for 3 days)so this was is worrying me a bit

spugs Mon 25-Jun-07 15:31:32

My af has came back!! Im cd 13 and it stopped about 5 days ago. Have no clue as to what is going on but i am not amused

spugs Tue 26-Jun-07 12:49:02

It only came back the once so hoping it might be an ov bleed

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