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Tina93 Wed 24-Oct-18 03:18:13

A week ago,I had a late miscarriage while I wasn't home where I stay with my boyfriend, had went to visit my sister, I started feeling severe cramps, abnormal back pains, n bloodish viginal discharge came out, they rushed me to the doctor, where I got to be checked on sona, I was told,his heartbeat had stopped, I got all the treatment and I got discharged the next day,now I'm having problems with my unsupportive boyfriend, who dsnt check on me,since iv been at my sisters,he hasn't came because he thinks I came here to terminate our baby,since we used to argue a lot n I would threaten to live him..I'm hurt physically n deeply emotional I need him^^..can I stay or leave this relationship?**

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AssassinatedBeauty Wed 24-Oct-18 03:51:30

I think that if he's accusing you of actually having had an abortion rather than a miscarriage then the relationship is going nowhere. It's an appalling thing to say to you.

I think if your family are supportive then lean on them at the moment, and cut contact with your boyfriend.

Rebecca36 Wed 24-Oct-18 04:02:55

What AssassinatedBeauty said.

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