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4 weeks

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ducksandacorns Mon 22-Oct-18 17:35:22

I've done lots of reading through this board before posting, so sorry to hear people's stories.

I've had what I'm pretty sure was a MC at 4 weeks. Early, but still feeling a little lost.

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YouBoggleMyMind Mon 22-Oct-18 17:42:38

I had a MC at just shy of 5 weeks and it broke my heart. It's ok to feel sad and upset, no matter how early it was. People will refer to it as a chemical. I hate that. Be kind to yourself 

ducksandacorns Mon 22-Oct-18 17:46:23

Thank you @YouBoggleMyMind and so sorry to hear you've been there too.

Did you 'pass' anything? I only ask because I did (please don't feel you have to answer) and was shocked as didn't expect to see much at 4/5 weeks.

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YouBoggleMyMind Mon 22-Oct-18 17:53:51

I had a heavy period and felt quite crampy which isn't usual for me. What was worse was having to go to my best friends baby shower, trying to be pleased for her while sitting there bleeding. I know it isn't right to complain or compare but she fell pregnant first time and she was told she may have difficulty. At that point, we'd been trying for 2 years and had done several unsuccessful rounds of clomid. That goes down as one of the hardest days. It was early on but I still think about our little baby that could have been. 

Not all doom and gloom, I did go on to have a baby boy in Dec 17 and we plan to try again next year. Do you think you'll try again straight away?

ducksandacorns Mon 22-Oct-18 17:59:19

That sounds really hard, strong lady for getting through it.

Hope your little boy has a wonderful first birthday!

I wasn't sure re dates if I had to wait before trying again.

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YouBoggleMyMind Mon 22-Oct-18 18:03:07

Thank you. It didn't feel right not to go and my friend has been a wonderful support to me, I wanted to do the same for her.

I think as long as you feel ready and your cycle isn't affected then there's no reason not to try again straight away. Equally, giving yourself some time is ok too 

ducksandacorns Mon 22-Oct-18 19:49:00

Thanks so much for sharing and for your advice. Think we will start trying sooner rather than later, although it all seems very surreal still.

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YouBoggleMyMind Mon 22-Oct-18 20:34:53

No problem. It's really sad how common MC is 
Hope you get your BFP soon 

Tiniestsky Sat 10-Nov-18 09:06:03

Little late to the chat but saw your post and related as I think (pretty sure actually) that I miscarried yesterday, I was at 4 weeks too.
It’s weird the things that go through your head isn’t it? I keep going from feeling numb to sobbing and bereving over what could have been to then being positive about next time and being happy that at least I know I can get pregnant...... and then the cycle starts again!
I hope things pan out for the best for all of us here x

ducksandacorns Tue 20-Nov-18 21:34:08

@Tiniestsky Just seen your post, hope you are feeling ok thanks

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Tiniestsky Wed 21-Nov-18 22:28:45

Hey @ducksandacorns I'm getting there, yours was the first post that seemed similar to mine, I had what's think is a mc a couple weeks back, was 4 weeks at the time.
How you getting on now?

ducksandacorns Thu 22-Nov-18 08:51:15

@Tiniestsky I'm good thanks, period returned this month so am pleased I can start tracking again. Hope everything settles and works out for you.

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Tiniestsky Thu 22-Nov-18 11:16:48

Me too, just wish I could switch my brain off from these negative thoughts x

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