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Will I ever get over this sadness

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unknownalone Fri 19-Oct-18 01:54:55

I lost my baby just over a week ago and I've never felt sadness so deep in my soul in all my life, I just want my baby, this was my first pregnancy and I'm aching from the loss, I feel so alone, so empty, will this feeling ever go away :'(

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Freetodowhatiwant Fri 19-Oct-18 02:08:08

Hi there, So sorry for your loss. It will get better I promise. It’s such a horrible shock when it happens and you’re planning your pregnancy and baby and then all that is taken away and you just want to still be pregnant. Milestones you were looking forward to are very sad - when you’d be x months, your due date etc but you will find a way to cope and hopefully your sadness will diminish over time. Miscarriage is sadly much more common than we think and (I’ve had 5) and if we all spoke about it a bit more perhaps it wouldn’t be such a shock when it happens to us. I found the miscarriage threads on here so supportive and I went on to have two children. Be strong, look after yourself xx

PanannyPanoo Fri 19-Oct-18 02:09:05

Hello, I am so sorry for your loss. In my experience the pain, emptiness and all consuming sadness does go. I had a few miscarriages before I had my daughter and then some more before my twins. They are now 5 and 8. I Don't grieve for my lost babies anymore. But I still remember them and love them. I remember the nightmare of the first few weeks of loss, of that realisation every morning that I was no longer pregnant and all those hopes and dreams had gone.

How many weeks pregnant were you?
Do you have family and friends that can support you?
Will you be having a service for your little one - or can you do something to mark the importance of them in your life - maybe a beautiful plant for the garden that flowers at this time of year.

Sending love and hugs. I am so sorry that you are having to deal with this.

MamaIn2019 Sun 25-Nov-18 11:41:14

Hi @unknownalone I've seen a few of your threads. I'm also 22 and this is my first pregnancy and I too am currently having a miscarriage. I hope you're doing better? My heart is broken.

unknownalone Sun 25-Nov-18 14:55:52

@MamaIn2019 hi lovely so sorry your going through this your Situation sounds the same as mine both being 22 and first pregnancy's, I'm doing abit better I'm just taking it day by day, I did end up in hospital because I fainted I didn't let my body recover I was up doing everything straight away, so make sure you rest up and let yourself recover our bodies go through a lot when we miscarry(I didn't relies), it's been 6 weeks since mine and to be honest I'm still sad but I've chosen to remember my pregnancy as a blessing a lot of women can't even get pregnant and I did(even though I lost the baby) I'm just trying to find any positive out of this sad negative situation, If you have any questions or want a talk please write back to me xx

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