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Baby loss awareness week

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NewYoiker Mon 15-Oct-18 19:42:04

Tonight is the wave of light. I'm sorry if this upsets anyone, but I just wanted to tell you you're not alone if you're struggling.

This is my candle lit for our 4 babies lost. One ectopic and one molar pregnancy, only one of them I named. Her name is Evangeline and I am still her mum.

Even though you may be struggling with pregnancy loss, your babies you lost still matter.

It won't let me add a photo sad

WrongSideOfHistory Mon 15-Oct-18 19:43:18

I'm with you

NewYoiker Mon 15-Oct-18 19:43:26

Try again

YouBoggleMyMind Mon 15-Oct-18 19:45:15

Candle lit here for us, friends and family 🕯

Peach1886 Mon 15-Oct-18 19:51:22

Thinking of you and Evangeline (such a very beautiful name), and love to all the other mums of angels. I have just lit my candle - for the six I lost and for the little miracle asleep upstairs xxx

MrsTeacake Mon 15-Oct-18 19:51:44

Candle lit here too xx

WildFlower2018 Mon 15-Oct-18 19:59:40

For my baby, who would have been born in March. I lost him at 13+4

TinyPaws Mon 15-Oct-18 20:07:52

For our little lost one, my first and only baby who would have been due in November.

DownstairsMixUp Mon 15-Oct-18 20:11:51

Thinking of our baby lost at 11 weeks and all the other angels.

toasterstrudle Mon 15-Oct-18 20:51:01

Oh @TinyPaws I remember you from the November thread. Sending you love tonight. Candle lit for my two losses. Love to everyone. ❤️

NewYoiker Mon 15-Oct-18 20:57:09

❤️ thanks for sharing my due date was Christmas Day last year and it's still hard. I think in a few years we might try again, it's too hard right now

TinyPaws Mon 15-Oct-18 20:58:47

Hey @toasterstrudle, I remember you too. Sending love light and strength to you and everyone else who's suffered losses.

OwlinaTree Mon 15-Oct-18 21:51:33

I've lit my candle tonight to remember my daughter. She lived for 3 days. She would have been 6 now. Thinking of you all tonight.

BipBippadotta Mon 15-Oct-18 22:02:16

I lit my candle tonight for my daughter, stillborn at full term in 2014. She would have been four years old this Thursday. Also thinking of my various first trimester losses.

Lots of love to everyone.

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