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5th miscarriage! Any advice appreciated.

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warnerka Mon 15-Oct-18 15:34:52

I can't believe it's happened again. I've recently had my 5th miscarriage (no children yet). My partner and I have been trying for 4 years and every time we get pregnant, I miscarry. I've never been beyond 6/7 weeks. I've had all the chromosome tests done on the NHS, and had a private NK cells test which showed normal, I don't have a blood clotting disorder. I'm healthy, normal weight and eat clean and exercise. I've been on progesterone, high folic acid, Clexane for the last two pregnancies, and added steroids this time round so felt hopeful, but started bleeding again. I have PCOS to guessing this has a big part to play, and also I'm 37 years old. I'm really at the end of my sanity. I've had counselling which really helped, but that finished and I'm still going through these constant losses. I see no light at the end and I don't know what more I can do. Has anyone else been through something similar? Are there any success stories out there? I feel broken sad

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warnerka Tue 16-Oct-18 10:15:01


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Oopsy41 Tue 16-Oct-18 10:24:34

I'm so sorry for your losses, I've suffered multiple miscarriages and now have two happy children so there is hope. I have pcos too and can completely relate to what you're currently going through. I was put on metformin which made me really ill and sick so was never able to get to the full dosage. When I got pregnant with my girl we made the decision that if it was to happen again then we couldn't carry on trying, I was a complete broken mess and just didn't feel strong enough to keep going through it. By the time she was 1 I was already expecting my second child who we had no trouble conceiving. I'm not advocating this in any way whatsoever or saying this made a difference but the only thing I did different when trying to conceive my first was see a Chinese doctor and have some alternative therapies. I have no idea what the evidence or statistics are with this but I personally believe it helped me. I really hope you get the answers you need x

BertramKibbler Tue 16-Oct-18 10:27:23

I had a child then 6 miscarriages and then twins. Nothing was found to be wrong with me, my husband had poor quality sperm (low motility and morphology) so he made some life style changes. I don’t know if these helped though or if we finally stopped being unlucky

warnerka Thu 18-Oct-18 08:43:48

Thank you so much Oopsy41! I love happy endings and I'm glad you got yours smile Not easy I know, and I'm sure the worry doesn't ever end. Alternative therapies is the only thing I haven't yet tried, and funnily enough have been close to booking an acupuncture session, so I think this is what I will do. Metformin is brutal, I've been on it for years and still get stomach problems sad Thank you for your advice x

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warnerka Thu 18-Oct-18 08:46:01

So there is hope smile You have a lot of perseverance! Glad you got your rainbow babies. Hearing your stories really helps me think more positively, thanks x

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nellagu Thu 18-Oct-18 13:39:12

I think I am going right now through my second miscarriage. I secretly miscarriaged for first time during a whole family holidays with in laws, nephews and nieces. It was extremely painful and it’s incredibly traumatic to go through the same again. All I can tell you warnerka is to get advice from a single professional. I know this is hard in the Uk unless you are referred to a specialist. The second thing Inwould hambly advise you is to relax, I truly understand your anxiety. I have had the same feeling to do it all right this time as if it would depend of us. I notice quite a lot of worry which is normal but please note it is not good for your pregnancy. If you believe or ever believed in God or not, full yourself of positive thoughts that your miracle baby is waiting to come and will come, just truly believe. Nature is wise. If your lost was in the third trimester is usually chromosome related and harshly as it sounds your own body disregards an embryo which otherwise would not have made it. I send you great positive thoughts for a happy maternity. Love

PJ12 Sun 21-Oct-18 23:03:38

Im sorry you find yourself in this situation. I also have had 5 miscarriages. I have DD that’s 4 and I had no problems conceiving her and it was a text book pregnancy.

We started trying for a 2nd when she was one and I went on to have 3 miscarriages on the NHS (they kept telling me it was bad luck). After that we decided to go privately as time wasn’t on my side. I went to Dr Shehata in Epsom and was diagnosed with high NK cells. My treatment was steroids, intralipids, aspirin and progesterone. I got pregnant soon after that but started spotting at 7 weeks and miscarried by 8 weeks (happened with every miscarriage, I could never get passed 8 weeks). . I always have natural miscarriages so didn't manage to get it tested. Whilst pregnant I had a bad reaction to the steriods (or it could have been the intralipids, we're not sure. They gave me heart palpitations so I was taken off of them and Dr Shehata’s new protocol for me was Hydroxychlorquine (it’s an ant malaria tablet that is meant to calm down your immune system/bring down your NK cells). I got pregnant again a couple of moths later, saw a heartbeat at 7 week scan and it was gone by the 8 week scan. This was my first missed miscarriage and I had an erpc and had the fetus tested. The results came back positive for trisomy 16 so no drugs in the world could have saved that pregnancy.

I got pregnant again a couple of months later and I followed the same protocol. I am now 34 weeks pregnant and everything seems to be going well. I am still very anxious and I don’t think I will fully relax until I’m holding my baby in my arms but so far everything is going as it should be.

I really don’t know what made a difference this time. Was it the protocol I followed? Or is it just a numbers game? I really don’t know but I just wanted to give you some hope. I know how awful and lonely recurrent miscarriage can make you feel.

Wishing you the best of luck OP and I hope you get your rainbow baby soon xx

CatES28 Mon 29-Oct-18 22:38:11

Hi Warnerka,
I'm really sorry to hear about your losses.
I have a healthy 3 year old DD who was conceived without any issues but over the past year and a half I've had 5 consecutive miscarriages. All my tests have come back normal...and it seems there's nothing that can be done. I'm sorry I don't have anything more positive to say right now, but I guess i just wanted you to know that there's unfortunately a few of us out here suffering recurrent miscarriage.
I wish you lots of strength and hope you get your rainbow.

Janine1278 Fri 09-Nov-18 13:41:04

I just had my fifth miscarriage this week. At six weeks there was a heartbeat. At 8 weeks there was none. I’m 40 and we have been trying for 3 years with no luck. I started seeing an acupuncturist a month before we conceived this time and started Chinese herbs to help improve egg quality. I’m planning to pick this back up once I’m back on my feet and give it a few months before trying again. It’s the only thing I can think of as we have been tested for everything else. Best of luck to you.. and know that you are not alone.

Bombaybunty Fri 09-Nov-18 13:46:48

I had 6 miscarriages. We were both investigated and no cause found.
I managed to carry one pregnancy to term and now have a strapping 6'4" 16 Yr old DS. The pregnancy was text book, no issues at all and a 6 hour labour.
It's so soul destroying isn't it. My advice is just keeps trying.

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