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Miscarriage anger

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Jay92 Fri 12-Oct-18 22:55:45

Anybody feeling full of anger a few months after miscarriage ? I have had two now and had reflexology today and she told me I was full of anger 🙈 It isn't doing me any good nor my relationship

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PinkLady89x Fri 12-Oct-18 23:06:00

So sorry to hear about your loss.
Yes I know all about anger after a miscarriage. I've found it hard being around people with successful pregnancies because I miss being pregnant so much. I spend most of my time away from work just researching why it happened to me and then scaring myself thinking about how it could happen again.
I bought a crystal bear to remember my baby by. I think it's helped me having a physical object to look at and symbolise my baby and loss. I hope you find peace soon. smile

Jay92 Sat 13-Oct-18 07:29:22

@PinkLady89x thanks so much for your reply. Have you had any success after miscarriage ? I think that will be my only way I will feel better.
Awk that's a lovely idea, something like that may help. Thank you

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PinkLady89x Sat 13-Oct-18 21:14:10

It's only been 6 weeks and I'm currently getting a faint positive on a test. I'm not sure if it's left over hormone or a new pregnancy! Very confusing because I've had a period a couple of weeks ago so I would have thought all the old hormones would have gone but perhaps it's just taking longer for me. Just want to be back to normal so I can get back on track. Have you been trying since? I agree that it will make me feel much better once I'm pregnant again. However I'll be so worried until I see a heartbeat this time because I had a missed miscarriage.

Jay92 Sat 13-Oct-18 22:27:19

Awww fingers crossed you are. So we have only started trying again. They initially saw something in my tube and thought it was an ectopic pregnancy, but another senior doctor saw me a few days later and said it was a miscarriage. I really hope I fall pregnant again easily and I get to see a little baby and a heartbeat soon. 🤞🏻

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moonpeace Mon 15-Oct-18 09:20:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Jay92 Mon 15-Oct-18 13:31:49

@moonpeace hiya!! Yes I do think it has helped. I love rheki also. I heard acupuncture is good too.
I am willing to try anything. Hoping I will have a little baby growing before Christmas . That is my goal anyway. Have you had more than one miscarriage ?

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drspouse Mon 15-Oct-18 13:38:42

While wishing you all the best, if reiki/acupuncture/reflexology make you feel better, go for it, but don't expect them to improve your chances of a successful pregnancy (BT, DT about 5 times).

Jay92 Mon 15-Oct-18 21:13:09

Didn't ask for any negative comments, cheers

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moonpeace Mon 15-Oct-18 22:30:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Jay92 Mon 15-Oct-18 23:26:19

@moonpeace not even a little bit. Let me know how the course goes ☺️ I'm sure it will be great, help you relax and destress. Just what you need!

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summertimehere Wed 17-Oct-18 20:25:45

Yes Jay I hate the world I’m full of hate and jealousy and anger I hate me

Jay92 Wed 17-Oct-18 22:50:53

@summertimehere it's awful isn't it. I only started feeling better from last years, when I knew I was pregnant again. Then to get shit news again. I think because I have no children it makes it so much worse 😓 . Hope you have more days good than bad.

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summertimehere Thu 18-Oct-18 13:02:49

I agree it would be better if at least had one child im consumed with anger and hate im not me anymore its hard getting through the day

Jay92 Thu 18-Oct-18 13:40:45

@summertimehere fingers crossed you get a Positive test soon after you start trying again. It definitely made it easier for me. Hope this is the month for me .

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