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Faint lines 6 weeks after miscarriage

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PinkLady89x Fri 12-Oct-18 21:59:15

I’m new to this website but I just wanted to know if anyone could give me some advice.
I found out that my baby had stopped growing and had no heartbeat at 9 weeks on 30.8.18 (6 weeks ago) and that I had suffered a missed miscarriage. I had no bleeding or any pain at all and only found out because we booked an early scan privately.
My question is: has anyone experienced a miscarriage and still tested positive 6 weeks later? I had my first period on 29.9.18 (4 weeks after miscarriage was medically started) and it was pretty painless but substantial. I want to point out that I bled for almost 3 weeks after medical management and therefore only had about a week off from bleeding before period started shock. My period has since stopped (lasted about 5/6 days) but I’ve had spotting since. I took a test yesterday and it is showing a very faint positive still. I never got a negative result after miscarriage - I’ve done weekly tests since. It seems strange to have a period and to still be testing positive? We haven't been careful at all since the MC but I figured with HCG left, I can't get pregnant again?
Any experiences or advice would be very happily welcome! I’ve run out of people to talk to about this. smile

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bellainthemiddle Fri 12-Oct-18 22:29:00

I tested a week after my MC and still got a positive result - from what I hear that's fairly normal. 6 weeks seems long, but apparently some people still get positive tests like, 10 weeks later. BUT, it's worth bearing in minf that apparently some women can be very fertile straight after a MC, so maybe it is possible that you're pregnant again?

I know we tend to think that bleeding = no pregnancy but remember that you can be pregnant even if you're still having periods (as my PSE teacher used to pronounce pretty much on a weekly basis!). I would think it's worth investigating, myself.

PinkLady89x Fri 12-Oct-18 22:55:52

Thank you for your reply and sorry to hear about
your loss.
I did consider that I could be pregnant again but because I never got a negative result, I assumed that you can't get pregnant again with any HCG left in your system even though I've had a period? I'm so confused and just want normality back! I feel like this is just prolonging the pain.

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bellainthemiddle Fri 12-Oct-18 23:46:05

Hmm, was there a stretch of, say, a few days when you didn't test? If so I'd just want to rule out that nothing had happened in that 'window'. But, at the same time, I don't think it's totally abnormal to be still testing positive after 6 weeks. Do you still have any pregnancy symptoms? I have still been feeling quite sick, like morning-sickness sick, and today I learned that actually the MC wasn't as complete as I had thought and I need to go in for d&c.

I'd really recommend that you make an appointment to check out what's happening, it's miserable to be feeling uncertain and doesn't help emotionally either, I shouldn't think.


PinkLady89x Sat 13-Oct-18 21:16:53

Oh I'm really sorry to hear that it's not complete. I was told that they felt mine had completed because I had such a heavy and painful bleed on the day I was given the medication (missed miscarriage). I bled for 3 weeks so we all assumed it has passed.
I was testing once a week so I guess there may have been a chance for it to go negative and then back to positive but I don't think that's very likely? I guess time will tell.
I hope you get your situation sorted soon 😊

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KatieJayne86 Thu 01-Nov-18 21:05:17

I didn’t test negative until 7 weeks post medical management but I had retained tissue still at week 4 (which I was surprised about as I passed a lot).

I’m not sure that you can have a period if you have HCG in your system - I’m not sure you would ovulate? But I could be wrong!

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