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Advice on where to go next/what to do after 5th miscarriage.

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madharri123 Wed 10-Oct-18 13:23:25

I have just received the karyotype analysis from my 5th miscarriage. It was trisomy 22 (like my 4th - these were the only 2 that were tested). I am now 39 (and three quarters!) years old.

This last miscarriage was under the Coventry Clinic. I went for Natural Killer cell analysis (which was negative) but was diagnosed with hyper fertility and followed their protocol for hyper fertility (progesterone pessaries from 7dpo. They have advised me to look into preimplantation genetic screening (PGS). Does anybody have any recommendations or advice as I’m feeling rather lost.

madharri123 Wed 10-Oct-18 13:24:50

I should add - we both had genetic screening after our 4th miscarriage, which was also a trisomy 22 x

Beesandfrogsandfleas Thu 11-Oct-18 21:58:24

Hello, I don't have any advice of this scenario but wanted to say I may sorry for your losses. I had four mcs but for me it was related to natural killer cells. Just thinking, there is another section here called Conception with people who have been through more on the ivf side of things so might be worth putting a thread there?

madharri123 Thu 11-Oct-18 22:37:32

Thank you so much x
I’ll head over and take a look

allthatmalarkey Fri 12-Oct-18 06:52:58

Sorry, no advice either, just wanted to offer thanks Sounds like you are at least narrowing things down. I'd say Google like mad to learn as much as possible, but I suspect you're doing that already.

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