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Mmc - medical management at home - advice please

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MysteriousSheep Sun 07-Oct-18 14:25:42

I’m going through a mmc - should be over 9weeks now, however Fetus stopped developing just over 8weeks. Initially was going for expectant management, however got impatient. Started the medical management yesterday afternoon - had 4 misoprostol vaginally and then home to await events.

Last night I had very bad cramps for 4 hrs (like early labour) but only tiny bit spotting. They eventually stopped with paracetamol, codeine and ibuprofen and I went to sleep. This morning I’m bleeding like a normal period, but not passed any clots and no pain.

I’m wondering, does anyone have experience of this and did you then go on to actually have a complete miscarriage? Did the pain come back?

I really want this over with, but feel like I probably need more misoprostal. I would rather not have d&c as I had that 12yrs ago when I had a mmc (also have an 11yr old son), and I felt very removed from the process. I would rather see what comes out and be at home if possible this time.

Just posting for general advice and to hear other people’s experience. Thanks

Funnybunnyfluff Mon 08-Oct-18 22:49:56

So sorry for your loss, I had confirmed MMC 13th sept at 12 weeks.

I tried to let nature take its cause 2 weeks later still nothing. I then had medical management twice. Same as you cramping pains for about 4/6 hours but did not pass anything major.
Had another scan and ended up having D&C on 5th October.
It's been a very long process and also my first ever pregnancy.

Have another scan to confirm before making other choices just to be clear.

Sorry your going through this. It's so emotional x

MysteriousSheep Tue 09-Oct-18 22:15:48

Thanks for your reply. I had the second lot of misoprostal last night but so for it seems to have had nil effect. Going back in tomorrow for another scan.

I wonder if they would give another dose of misoprostal? I just would really rather not have the d&c, I know it gets everything over with quicker, but I’m keen to avoid anaesthetic and just experience the process more fully if I can (because of my experience with my first mmc I think). Also, I work with the drs who would do the d&c, and I trust them and know they are really good, but rather ridiculously I find the idea quite embarrassing!

MysteriousSheep Tue 09-Oct-18 22:19:13

Also @funnybunnyfluff sorry for your loss. Hope that you are getting support and that you have a happier outcome if you get pregnant again. When I had my first mmc (1st pregnancy, just under 12weeks when confirmed) I was so shocked and devastated, just didn’t even know that kind of thing could happen. This time feels different, although still awful, I suppose I’m less shocked.

Funnybunnyfluff Tue 09-Oct-18 23:07:21

Thank you.

As mentioned my second Medical management also did not work. The nurse said she was happy to ask a doctor if I could have a 3rd try however I was getting to the stage that I just wanted the nightmare over and if it hasn't worked 2 times already I was not expecting the 3rd to work. Started to get me very down.

The d&c was for me very scary as I had never been to hospital. However it was a fine experience. My local hospital is 5mins away however they could not fit me in for 8 days so I went to another hospital 45mins drive away.
Not sure if you have more than one hospital near you as you could mention that you work with these people and although trust them would rather have someone else do the op?

If this happens to me again I will go for he d&c. I went in at 7am and got home at 2.30pm.

MysteriousSheep Wed 10-Oct-18 14:18:39

Well, I had a scan today and my uterus was totally empty, so the miscarriage has completed. Think it must have been after the first lot of misoprostal when I had all the pain. Surprised at how little blood there has been, also no clots or ‘tissue’. Nurse was mystified too, as at 8weeks there is apparently normally something to see, and I went in a bedpan (took some home with me) every time.
I’m relieved it’s all over but it feels slightly surreal.

Funnybunnyfluff Thu 11-Oct-18 16:36:31

I know that feeling. That's good to hear that you don't have to take it any further.

With you well for your future x

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