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Bled and miscarried at home over weekend without knowing beforehand

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clairelee17 Mon 01-Oct-18 11:06:34

Hi all,

I was 9 weeks on Friday, and happened to have my booking-in appointment with the midwife that day. By that evening, unfortunately I had started spotting, which turned into a bit heavier bleeding. By Sunday morning (yesterday), I had saturated my pyjamas as had a massive bleed overnight. I was trying to clean myself up while on the toilet and felt a sudden gush. Something large 'fell out', and I instantly knew what it was. I booked a private ultrasound yesterday afternoon which confirmed that there was no sign of pregnancy or anything in my uterus, so I passed everything very cleanly, quickly and painlessly, which I'm thankful for in some ways.

Although I feel extremely sad and haven't stopped crying, I'm one of the lucky ones who didn't need medical intervention and that it happened so quickly and painlessly. However, has this happened this way to many other women? Mainly I've read that other women knew that there was no heartbeat so are waiting for their miscarriages to happen, either naturally or through intervention. Has it happened to any others so quickly like mine? I'm guessing the baby stopped growing a number of weeks ago, so this was the after effects of what many women have to wait for to happen, but I didn't know this. Surely not every woman knows so early about no heartbeat/not growing and have a sudden miscarriage? I can't see this type of thread anywhere, though.

I'm also at odds as to what to do now in terms of contacting midwife, and do they need to do another scan themselves? I have a report from the private scan company which says it all, I just don't know what to do now as I never had the chance to go to hospital and it happened so quickly at home.

I would really appreciate any other womens' similar experiences on this.

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clairelee17 Wed 03-Oct-18 16:49:02


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53rdWay Wed 03-Oct-18 17:15:37

So sorry flowers

Re contacting midwife - if you’re already ‘in the system’ then yes I would, otherwise they’ll be sending you appointment letters and so on which is pretty upsetting. They might want you in for another scan, more likely they’ll suggest that you take a pregnancy test in two weeks or so and contact them if it’s positive (in case of any retained tissue).

Kintan Wed 03-Oct-18 17:20:23

I had a natural miscarriage at 9 weeks that happened really quickly too. I’d had my booking appointment too, and I’d suggest emailing your midwifery team to let them know or you will be sent further appointments. Sorry for your loss, hope you are doing ok. I have tried to look for the positives like at least it wasn’t ectopic etc. I kind of lost all pregnancy symptoms a couple of weeks beforehand, so I suppose that’s when the pregnancy must have ended x

clairelee17 Wed 03-Oct-18 19:44:58

Hi @kintan and @53rdway for your messages. I was expecting a phone call from the midwife today as she only works on Wednesdays and couldn't get an appointment with her. Did she even bother to call, despite knowing what my call was about? Absolutely not, which is shockingly bad. So I'm waiting on a doctor to call tomorrow morning so they can record it. And also it means I've been left without any advice, guidance or support since it happened (I did call community midwives first thing on Monday but they only referred me to my doctors' surgery midwife).

@kintan did you need to have any further scan or investigation to ensure everything was out? Xx

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clairelee17 Wed 03-Oct-18 19:46:10

I also forgot to add thank you for your messages and your kind thoughts.

@kintan my symptoms also stopped a number of weeks ago too but just thought I was lucky to have an easy pregnancy.

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Kintan Wed 03-Oct-18 21:25:55

@clairelee17 no I didn’t have any further scans - I did have blood tests 48hrs apart to make sure the hcg levels were dropping in line with a miscarriage, but I was told no need for further scans etc unless I was still bleeding and/or had any pain after a couple of weeks. Physically I felt fine after about a week though and my period return after 3 weeks. Was this your first pregnancy? I hope the midwives get back to you and you can feel a sense of closure xx

clairelee17 Wed 03-Oct-18 22:14:30

@kintan thank you so much for your message and share your experience. It sounds like we've been through a similar heartache. Hopefully a doctor will be in touch with me tomorrow and I'll ask if I need a blood test to check those levels. If not, I'll have to visit the community midwives myself. Thank you again, and I hope things work out for you too x

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susurration Wed 03-Oct-18 22:24:22

Similar happened with my miscarriage. I was 7 weeks. I was feeling fine (although exhausted and boobs painful) until the monday (6+2) when I felt a sharp twanging pain in my lower right abdomen. Started spotting on the Weds night and by Friday morning I was bleeding heavily and in a lot of pain. I passed what I'm sure was the embryo. We went to the EPAU and they scanned me but couldn't see the pregnancy, and also took blood for HCG. They repeated it twice at 48hr intervals and did a second scan too. But it was all gone and over and done with before I'd even reached the EPAU to be honest, apart from heavy, clotty period like bleeding for 10 days after.

widgetbeana Wed 03-Oct-18 22:31:47

My miscarriage was very quick too. I was 11weeks, started spotting, I called epu who gave me an appointment for the next morning.

My bleeding increased overnight, then waves of pain for about 2 hours. I then felt my waters pop and when I went to the toilet I felt it all rush out.

Epu scanned me the next morning and although my hormone levels showed a level consistent with 11 weeks, there was no sign of anything.

It was very quick, I stopped bleeding within a week and had negative tests after 8 days.

I am so sorry this happened to you, but in some ways having to all over quickly makes it easier.

Just one other word of warning, the midwife told me, those who miscarry quickly tend to deliver quickly and she was right for me. Dd1 was 2 hours and dd2 45 minutes.

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