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First period after miscarriage - in agony

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TeaCupp Sat 29-Sep-18 18:08:42

I had my third miscarriage about 4 weeks ago and woke up today to my first period.

I am in absolute agony. I have not left my bed today at all, whenever I stand up straight the pain is unbearable to the point I can't even have the waist band of my pyjamas pressing it.

The bleeding isn't excessively heavy, just like a normal period for me but I've never ever experienced period cramps like this.

I did think it was going to be a horrible one as my boobs have been so sore all week. I do get sore boobs sometimes but not to the extent they were this week.

Is this normal to get mega PMS after a miscarriage? I'm concerned about the level of pain I'm getting. It keeps coming waves and the tops of my thighs are even hurting.

I feel sick it's that painful to the point I haven't been able to eat all day.

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K0013 Sun 30-Sep-18 00:05:17

My periods before I had mc’s were so easy, never had any issues but each period I’ve had after a mc (2 so far, waiting on my period after my 3rd mc) were quite painful. I remember crying at work and hiding in the toilet when my period started. If you are worried please get in touch with your gp or the EPU. Big hugs, hope you are ok xx

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