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Recurrent mc testing - Dr Shehata vs Gorgy vs Raj Rai, any comments?

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catlike1979 Wed 26-Sep-18 13:08:50

Hey ladies
I am looking into going private for recurrent mc testing, I've just had my second mc and the NHS won't refer me at this point, I'm 40 next year and we don't want to waste any time hence going private.

It's such a minefield as to who to go and see. My understanding is that Dr Shehata is very into NK cells but poss overly so and may overdiagnose this as a problem, whereas Raj Rai doesn't believe in NK cells at all and won't prescribe prednisolone, and I'm not sure about Dr Gorgy. Please can anyone shed some light on their experiences and give me some advice on where to go and who to see? Thanks so much xx

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