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Is this a miscarriage??!!

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kenziatchley Fri 21-Sep-18 23:14:28

I haven't yet known I was pregnant or not but I took a test and the line came back fainted a little and ppl said I was pregnant more likely but this morning I had the worst cramps EVER and a while ago there was some chunk of blood with a little bit of whiteness in it and I'm asking y'all if this is a miscarriage!! This is my first time being pregnant so this is all new to me!!! Here are some pics and sorry there blurry and not right. My back camera doesn't work but this is all I got!!!

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Justgivemeasoddingname Fri 21-Sep-18 23:18:00

You should have added TMI to your title.
IME yes this probably is. Were you happy to be pg? I'm sorry for your loss xx

kenziatchley Fri 21-Sep-18 23:24:28

@Justgivemeasoddingname me and husband was happy to be having a baby!!! I looked up what miscarriages looked like and what was coming from me is what was in a pic of miscarriages looked like but I didn't know for sure

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cindersrella Fri 21-Sep-18 23:35:09

I have just had a look at miscarriages on the internet and unfortunately it does look like onethanks

Justgivemeasoddingname Fri 21-Sep-18 23:38:33

I've had 5 miscarriages. The clots you pass are quite different to a period. The pain can be incredible. With my one at 14 weeks I had proper labour contractions spaced at 5 minutes for 8 hours do the pain you mention was probably that.
I'm so sorry for your loss it's an awful thing....but 16 years later I have 3 beautiful children so just give yourself time xx

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