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Need help with these pregnancy symptoms

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Angelme Sat 15-Sep-18 17:26:08

Hello ladies...I am wanting some help from you guys.I am 6 weeks pregnant and strangely enough I didn’t have any pregnancy symptoms in the first 5 weeks.I have suddenly started feeling like not having food any time of the day and when I have I don’t like what I eat .i am even not liking the taste of water

Is it normal during early pregnancy..I have had a miscarriage 6 months ago where the baby was dead in 7 w and it was only during spotting in 11 w I realised it .I am really worried .please can you advice.

Can I ask the doctor for early scan

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K0013 Sat 15-Sep-18 18:52:32

I think the main pregnancy symptoms start to hit around 6 weeks or so. Does your local hospital have an early pregnancy unit? I contacted them to arrange early scans, if not yes speak to your GP. I know how stressful pregnancy can be after a miscarriage, look after yourself and get the extra support from either the hospital or your GP x

scully02 Thu 20-Sep-18 19:10:29

hello.i did not have any signs of a pregency either but that does not mean there is anything wrong. have you thought of getting a blood test from your doctor.

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