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Waiting on a miscarriage to happen

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DelRank Tue 11-Sep-18 15:22:43

Hi I'm just new to the group first time being pregnant. Hope I'm posting in the right place. I did a pregnancy test 8 weeks ago. On Friday night sat morning I was vomiting all night and morning took myself to hospital where they did a pregnancy test said I was between 6-10 weeks. Gave me some anti nausea tablets and bones me in for an ultra sound on Monday. Sundamaged night I ended up back in hospital as I got lock jaw from the medication. They gave me a different anti nausea medication through a drip, told me to stop taking the ones I had been sent me home.
Monday went for my ultra sound to be told there was an empty sac in the womb. Had to go back to the ed department where they took more bloods to check hormone levels. Waited for hours to be told by the doctor that there was a sac in my womb which was very small and there was a all bleed inside it and my hormone levels had dropped since Saturday. He advised that I would have some vaginal bleeding and booked me to come back in for an ultra sound Monday week.
How long does it take for the process to begin??
I'm driving myself crazy waiting for it to happen if anyone can help me out please ☺

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Holdonitllgetrough Tue 11-Sep-18 17:05:06

Hi, firstly sorry to hear about your situation. sad
I should be 13 weeks today but an early scan last week showed it had stopped growing at 8 weeks. I’ve waited a further week for a d&c (which is tomorrow) and so far I’ve only got what I’d say was intermittent slightly heavy period bleeding and cramping over night.
This is my second miscarriage and 1st time round showed no interest in coming out of its own accord, so o guess it’s just a really crappy waiting game.
Good luck

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