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Can you ttc when still spotting?

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Scottishgirl88 Thu 16-Aug-18 09:18:29

I had a miscarriage when I was 12 weeks. Baby stopped growing at 10 weeks. It was medically managed and after further complications I had an emergency d&c a week later. 51 days have passed and I’m still bleeding (I went back to the hospital 3 weeks ago who said the cervix is now closed and I’ve just go wait it out. Eventually the bleeding will stop). I have another follow up in 4 weeks time which feels like a lifetime away. In the hospital they told me I was ovulating but no period came. They don’t seem to be concerned by this waiting or extensive bleeding at all. This week I’m bleeding more or less every 3rd day. Which is just frustrating me even more as I get my hopes up this it’s finally finished or that my period is coming but it’s just a small bleed for an hour or so then stops again.
My question is, has anyone had a similar issue? Or has anyone just thrown caution to the wind and started ttc again when still spotting?

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xJune88 Thu 16-Aug-18 10:46:13

So Sorry you've been through and are still going through this. I'm in exactly the same boat. Went for 12 week scan at 13+4 and baby had died around 9. I had medical too this was on the 17th June and I had what i thought was a normal period 9 days ago which lasted 8 days but now I'm spotting again. It's never ending and I can't wait to move on. We've been having sex nearly every day or when we feel like it but I don't like it when bleeding/spotting just makes me feel eugh. It's good that your ovulating I have a cyst on my ovary so I'm petrified that's causing issues aswell. I think the concern they have is infection risk but if you've had the all clear for retained products I think it's ok. Xxx

Scottishgirl88 Thu 16-Aug-18 11:32:11

@june88 so sorry for you too! If it makes you feel better they also found a cyst on my left ovary (about 3cm) at my last appointment. Unfortunately I didn’t do ovulation sticks as I was still bleeding every day when I went a few weeks ago and they told me I was showing ‘signs of recent ovulation’ they said to me to wait for my first period before ttc. The day following that appointment I bleed heavier for a full week but as I was bleeding every day and still not as heavy as a normal period I really couldn’t tell if it was a period or not. I’m so frustrated! This weekend we were on holiday and got carried away on one of my no bleed days and my other half didn’t pull out so I’m now wondering if maybe I could still get pregnant even though I bleed the following day. Ugh. I wish wish someone would take some kind of an interest in me! I miscarried on the 26th of June so by the time I get my first full check up will be exactly 10 weeks afterwards. We’re actually saving up now to book a private appointment. I’m hoping they might give me some answers!

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xJune88 Fri 17-Aug-18 11:33:02

@Scottishgirl88 I feel exactly the same! I've had no support, advice or anything I haven't even been offered a follow up or check up?! My bleeding has now stopped again but my tummy feels really full and heavy again, so bloated too. Just fed up now can't wait to be pregnant again! Me and hubby spoke about going private lastnight too. Think I'm gunna ring my nhs doctor on Monday and see if they'll check my hcg levels are back down as noone has even offered that and im still getting faint positives nearly 9 weeks on. Hope you are ok and you get your bfp too and it sticks and is a happy healthy pregnancy. My due date for my first loss is approaching fast I really wanted to be pregnant before I got there but I can't see it happening grr. Take care of yourself and keep in touch on here xxx

Scottishgirl88 Thu 23-Aug-18 08:42:13

@xJune88 hope you are doing better this week! It’s such a horrible thing for anyone to go through and even more so when it seems to never stop. After my few days of no bleeding I started on Tuesday with heavier red bleeding again. Not as heavy as a period seems to stop whenever I lie down or am stationary but much heavier than I was having for the last month or so. I went to the gp today and he said it could be my period. (He said the only way to tell is if it stops in 1-2 weeks..?!) he also said that it’s probably not as heavy as a normal period as I’ve bled for so long that there won’t be such a build up if lining. I thought I would pass along the info in case it helps you too. I’ll let you know what hospital suggest in my appointment on the 10th. I do hope it is my period meaning my cycle is getting back on track and we can properly try again.

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xJune88 Thu 23-Aug-18 10:48:57

Thankyou hope our situations can help eachother it really is so isolating and frustrating! I've stopped bleeding/spotting/brown discharge all together now. We've been dtd alot but pretty sure I'm still not ovulating I am peeing on opks twice a day to see haha. Not to track and be mad and jump on hubby but more to see if my body is working!! Yes let me know how you get on on the 10th xxx

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