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H0lli3p0p Sat 11-Aug-18 21:14:30

I have just been to the toilet and while wiping I could feel something hanging out, so obviously I pulled. I can only describe what looked like a very early baby (I have a scan from when my son was born and it was the same shape and size) I had the mirena coil fitted 1 month ago, is there a chance I could've been in the very early stages of pregnancy and so it didn't show on a pregnancy test?

Pegs11 Mon 13-Aug-18 18:38:44

Hi Hollipop, I’m sorry no one else has replied to you. I think it might be tough for anyone here to give you a clear answer because I don’t think any of us know... personally, I would proffer the opinion that that yes, there is a chance you could have been pregnant, but you may equally (or even more likely) just have been having a particularly heavy bleed and/or that the coil caused a big old blood clot somehow, and that what you saw when you wiped. I’m not a medical person though, so couldn’t say for sure. What I can say is that you will almost certainly never know 100% for sure, and you could wrap yourself up in knots asking yourself the question over and over again: was I pregnant? Wasn’t I? My advice for what it’s worth is try to let it go... you will drive yourself crazy and still never get the answer. So if you can, try to let this one go. Take care, wishing you all the very best Xxx

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