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Medical Management? Advise please!

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Rainbow714 Sat 11-Aug-18 09:17:58

Im looking for some advice or reassurence about Medical Management, its looking like that might have to be an option for me to induce a miscarriage. I was hoping things would of started naturally after been told the sac hadnt changed in a week this was 6 days ago now and im not sure i can keep waiting for things to happen naturally. X

Rainbow714 Sun 12-Aug-18 16:53:51

Phoned the hospital and im booked in for Wednesday. Anybody ever been through this? X

rdm10 Sun 12-Aug-18 22:23:07

I had medical management last Monday after finding out on the Thursday at 11 week scan there was no hb. I opted for medical as I had a mc at 10 wks in Feb but baby had died at 7 wks so didn’t want to have to wait for it to happen naturally this time.
I got to the hospital for 9am and had a pessery put in. Nothing really happened for a few hours. After 4 hours I had another tablet and then things really started. It was like an incredibly heavy period but by the ‘end’ I had to basically just sit on the toilet as there was quite a lot of blood. The pain was very intense towards the end but once everything had passed it was just like period pain for a few days.
Is someone going with you? I wasn’t allowed to move for the first hour to allow the pessery to work and I wasn’t allowed off the ward so it was handing having DH there to get things for me- and for support of course.

Rainbow714 Mon 13-Aug-18 07:11:53

Thank you for the reply and im so sorry for your loss what an awful time we are having. Yes thankfully my husband is coming with me and has been a great support. How long did you bleed for? Im dreading it, i suffered a MC before but it all happened naturally and seemed to be over so quickly. I feel like ive been waiting forever for this to happen. It hasnt been right from the start xx

DaringtoDream Tue 14-Aug-18 10:37:56

So sorry for your loss. I’ve had 3 miscarriages over the last 18 months. The medical management really was a lot easier than letting it happen naturally. I was in for half a day. Had the procedure under general anaesthetic. The only painful bit was the cannula in the hand for the drip. Everyone was really nice. I was allowed to go home with husband after they’d seen me eat something and I’d been to the toilet. There was a lot of blood straight after the op so I’d recommend the overnight pads. I then bled for 2 weeks but it got a little better each day. One thing I wasn’t prepared for was when the doctors came to discuss what I would like to do with ‘the pregnancy tissue’ and told me about a memorial they held monthly. I was not expecting this and it took me my surprise and upset me so just be prepared incase that happens. Everyone was lovely at the hospital though and I’m glad I opted for the medical management. I had scheduled the same procedure with my 3rd miscarriage but I ended up miscarrying naturally over the weekend and it was much more painful and messy than the medical management x

Rainbow714 Tue 14-Aug-18 12:02:48

Thank you for your reply @DaringtoDream and im so sorry for your losses and i hope you are okay. Thank you for a postive responce as i had no idea what to expect, did you have the tablets or a operation?
fingers crossed it goes as smoothly as possible id rather be at home as quick as i can. Xx

DaringtoDream Tue 14-Aug-18 13:38:06

I had the operation under general anaesthetic. You can have it under local but I really didn’t want to be awake for it. The operation included having a pessary an hour before surgery for dilation but there was no pain or anything. I opted for surgery because the only other option I was given was a pill but they said the pill could take up to a week to trigger any bleeding and there had been no sign of natural miscarriage 4 weeks after baby had stopped growing/heartbeat had stopped so I wanted to go for the immediate removal option. I was off work for a week after the op as they say not to drive for 48 hours after general anaesthetic plus I was an emotional wreck. X

Rainbow714 Tue 14-Aug-18 14:37:52

Thank you for comment, im having the tablets they said it should istart within the day. Im hoping anyways.

DaringtoDream Tue 14-Aug-18 14:44:54

I’m sure it will all go smoothly. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Glad you’ve got hubby for support x

Rainbow714 Tue 14-Aug-18 15:58:52

Thank you xx

keebo Tue 14-Aug-18 18:21:24

I'm sorry you have to go through this. I had a medical miscarriage (tablets) in April after 4 weeks of scans to see if the pregnancy was viable. I had the tablets inserted in the hospital (they have to be just below your cervix) and then went home. It took about 4 hours to start. They essentially give you contractions so it's not comfortable but I didn't have any shooting pains or anything. There wasn't nearly as much blood as they'd said there could be - I was told I'd be filling a pad every 45mins but I only needed to change the pad once during the night. The next day, I was tired and emotional but didn't have any physical hurt. The bleeding was then like a period for about 2 more weeks and I went back to work after a couple of days. For me, it was much better than waiting to have it naturally, after 4 weeks of uncertainty I just wanted it to be over. I hope yours will be as painless as possible with someone there to look after you before, during and afterwards.

Rainbow714 Tue 14-Aug-18 19:35:50

Hi @keebo thank you for the reply and im sorry for your loss. I hope your okay, thank you for the info about what happens im nervous and feel sick just thinking about it. Ive been told from the EPU that i will have tablets that dissolve under my tongue then it should start anytime after that. Take care xx

rdm10 Tue 14-Aug-18 22:32:54

Sorry for my late reply. I’m still bleeding now 8 days later. Mostly just like a medium-light period but still with some small clots. It’s not painful now though.
I hope tomorrow goes as well as it can. It’s a horrible thing to have to go through but once tomorrow is over the (physical) pain shouldn’t be too bad.

rdm10 Wed 15-Aug-18 23:09:37

Hope today went ok x

Rainbow714 Thu 16-Aug-18 08:52:57

Hi @rdm10 yesterday was awful, alot of pain and tears. The bleeding & cramps started straight after the tablets, but thankfully i could come straight home. Im hoping the worst is now over with and we can try and move on. Hope your okay xx

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