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Flashbacks to miscarriage

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mostimproved Thu 09-Aug-18 12:17:06

Hi all,

Firstly thank you for the support on this board and for all the helpful information shared on here about what to expect when miscarrying.

I found out I'd had a missed miscarriage on Monday 30th July and then had to wait a week for a rescan, only to start bleeding and cramping the night before the appointment. I went to the hospital on Monday anyway as I was in a lot of pain and going into shock from the blood loss. I was examined while bleeding heavily and the doctor found the sac was stuck trying to get through the cervix, hence the pain and bleeding were so severe as it just couldn't progress - it was like being in labour only with a lot more blood. He removed it and I then waited semi-conscious in a drip for a while before having an emergency MVA procedure while still bleeding heavily and feeling really unwell. Afterwards I felt better initially as the pain and bleeding had subsided and I went home that evening.

The staff at the hospital were great and I cannot fault them, but I still found the experience extremely traumatic, and found it so embarrassing that I was unable to deal with this at home so had to have several doctors and nurses looking in between my legs while I was actively miscarrying. A lot of the stories I read on here about the surgical management are when the miscarriage hasn't started naturally so it all seems a lot calmer, and then for those who miscarried naturally at least they had some level of privacy despite having to deal with blood and pain. It feels like I went through labour but with no baby at the end, and I'm still in pain and bleeding 3 days later which is bringing back memories and flashbacks.

I guess my actual question after all of that is, has anybody else had flashbacks to the physical experience of miscarriage that cause tears and anxiety, and does it go away or will I need to seek further help for this? I feel like there is no way I can go back to work yet as my mind involuntarily puts images in my head from that day in the hospital and it stops me concentrating on anything else.

Sorry for such a long post and thank you for reading.

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Emmafh3 Thu 09-Aug-18 13:50:39

My miscarriages were all very simple so I can't help on that matter exactly. But can say that time heals. I imagine the worse the grief and pain, the longer it takes, but a new season will come eventually flowers

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