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Slow rising beta and miss shaped sac

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Lisalis86 Sun 29-Jul-18 19:20:20

Right where do I start....

So basically I’m going through the worse time ever, I’ve gone through ivf had a frozen transfer got my bfp on the 10/7/18
10 days later I started light bleeding then progressed onto heavy bleeding loosing clots.
Went to the epu was scanned and realised I was pregnant with twins but had lost one.
They could see a sac but it was misshapen and was low down near my cervix (cervix was shut)
Had bloods took come back at 6600 then went back today after 6 failed attempts with a student nurse finally got some blood and results come back that it has risen to 8450 but dr felt I would miscarry due to it not doubling and miss shaped sac.
So I’m still taking proganova that thickens lining of womb and the pessaries but dr feels these can prevent a miscarriage :/

So I’ve got to go back in 2 days for another blood test to see what’s happening.
I’m currently 4 week 6 days and they said they cannot see a York sac :/ but fertility clinic saying that’s not visible until 6 week :/

I’m sending myself absolutely insane sad please someone tell me they had a similar story????

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