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Horrendous miscarriage, haemorrhage, ERPC and infection 23rd July

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AmyAmyx Fri 27-Jul-18 15:40:37

Just looking for support, advice, tips etc following this:
23rd July: 2nd miscarriage started at 12w6d, as was predicted by the scan 3 days earlier.
Told to miscarry naturally at home. Bleeding was very heavy, changing pads every 5 mins, resort to using puppy pads on the floor.
5 hours later I was almost unconscious on the bathroom floor, able to hear but not able to move. No pain just huge blood loss.
Rushed to A+E, underwent emergency surgery in A+E whilst semiconscious. Still haemorrhaging so taken to theatre under general anaesthetic for ERPC. 2 bags of saline.
The next day: Antibiotics, 2 blood transfusions and sent home.
Days 3 and 4: felt dreadful, brain power minimal, very weak, dizzy, fast heart rate, high temperature. Admitted to A+E with suspected sepsis. Treated with IV antibiotics. Sent home with antibiotic tablets.
Day 5: much better but blood pressure still odd 100/53, heart rate 95. Thumping in chest but brain power back to normal.

How shit are you supposed to feel?

How long does it take to feel normal?

I am trying to drink 2.5 litres a day and taking Floradix and spirulina.

Lots of love to everyone going through the same thing ❤ x

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orangedahlia31 Tue 14-Aug-18 20:01:22

Just wanted to say I came across your post and saw no one had responded. It's possibly too late now as that was the end of July and I haven't gone through quite such a horrific experience as you..
I just wanted to send some love and see how you are doing. It sounded absolutely awful.. How frightening too. I've had 5 mcs now - currently 6 days into my fifth, still losing lots of blood and passing plum sized chunks of what I can only describe as chicken livers! Disgusting and frightening!
I hope you are looking after yourself. I hope you have been offered some counselling. And if you haven't, request it. An experience like that is enough to give you PTSD or at least some serious blue days. I really hope you're doing ok.
My mum had two blood transfusions following a hysterectomy gone wrong - it took her a good few weeks to get back to normality. I hope you're beginning to feel a bit better xx

AmyAmyx Tue 14-Aug-18 20:48:06

Bless you, thank you so much! I was beginning to think that it was pointless being on Mumsnet or maybe I had done something wrong?

When I wrote that I was really confused / scared / shocked / in disbelief and really poorly. I had no aftercare / advice / followup. I am now much better, did a phased return to work last week and back to Pilates this week so pretty much back to normal. A miraculous recovery! Yesterday I spoke to EPAC about test results for molar pregnancy (negative thankfully) and they realised I'd had no aftercare and apologised! They said normally EPAC would do all the aftercare with a planned miscarriage but because I was treated as an emergency in A+E and then by the gynae department, I got signed off from EPAC, hence no followup - a serious gap in the system!

I'm so sorry about your loss. Sadly you have much more experience than me, but surely 6 days is too long? If your cervix has been open for 6 days you could be at risk of infection? If you get light headed please seek help sooner rather than later. Do you have an Early Pregnancy Assessment Clinic at your local hospital? Have your previous miscarriages been similar? Is your blood loss dark or bright? The dark stuff is contents of the womb, bright red blood is likely to be from your own circulation, which you can't afford to lose. Have you already passed the pregnancy tissue? X

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orangedahlia31 Tue 14-Aug-18 23:27:06

Yes, I had. And your message got me thinking. I've been worrying about it all day and feeling very faint by the end of it... I rang my mum (a nurse/midwife) and showed her some pictures of the clots - she told me to go straight in to A&E where we are now.. The triage nurse says I've done the right thing.
So, thank you for being the only useful source of information and advice. It sounds like I've got retained products and I shouldn't be bleeding and passing this much, so you were absolutely right.
I'm really glad to hear you are doing better/recovering and also back to work (such a good distraction) and Yey to the Pilates! I can't wait to get back to Pilates smile
It's such a shame there's so much miscommunication in the NHS. I'm so sorry for your entire experience ..
Thank you so much for tonight..
And best of luck. Keep your head high and stay positive. There's a happy ending to all this trauma I know it xxxx

AmyAmyx Wed 15-Aug-18 07:59:36

Good job you got help, I'm surprised your Mum didn't say anything sooner! I think you're supposed miscarry over 1-3 days and then just have period like bleeding for up to 3 weeks. When I lay down the blood pooled and coagulated so that when I sat up a big blob half the size of a tennis ball would come out, I thought that was a clot but it wasn't, it was coagulated fresh blood. Whereas the previous miscarriage i had dark red thin discs of meaty clots, which I believe is more normal.
How are you doing? Hopefully they've got you on a bag of saline to rehydrate you after the blood loss and have done blood tests to see how much you've lost? Maybe you are having an ERPC today? I was terrified but it was absolutely fine, hooray for general anaesthetic!
Good luck, let me know how you get on.

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orangedahlia31 Thu 16-Aug-18 00:03:40

Thank you for this. Yeah - my mum was cross I hadn't called her earlier! We were seen at A&E by a consultant who recognised I had for the first time in days passed something other than the red coagulated blood and that this was most likely what was causing the problem. A scan showed an incomplete miscarriage, but they've actually decided to leave my body to it... Which in a way I'm pleased about. Because the bleeding has MUCH reduced since the pregnancy tissue dislodged from my cervix. And now I'm back to passing the normal pregnancy tissue that's left.
If it starts up again I'm going straight in for an ERPC and there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY i'm having another procedure without anaesthetic!
My blood levels were pretty good actually so no saline or bloods needed - I just felt pretty unwell and faint. So husband cooked us steak. The perfect antedote smile
Thanks for checking up on me, and thanks again for your advice - your description was invaluable xx

AmyAmyx Thu 16-Aug-18 08:18:09

An incomplete miscarriage going on for 8 days, that's awful. You must be wondering when the nightmare will be over. I'm guessing you had that procedure where they use a speculum and tongues/forceps and try to pull everything out? I had that in A+E, it was extremely distressing, all my A+E nurses were male so I can't imagine what they thought to it! I was crying with the pain, and I was still haemorrhaging so ended up with an ERPC anyway.

Do you know why you keep miscarrying? Have they starting running tests?
I'm so scared I will keep miscarrying now. Although I have an idea in my head that I will give up after 4, because it will send me insane. Perhaps though, I might think "Just one more go" each time and keep trying?

I use Floradix as a herbal iron supplement.

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AmyAmyx Fri 17-Aug-18 09:09:00

You're very welcome. Us women have to look out for each other. I'm guessing they used a speculum and tongs/forceps? I had that too, it was very distressing, probably more so for my husband though. As if a miscarriage wasn't bad enough, all these complications and the prolonged time scale! Hopefully your nightmare is nearly finished.

Do you know why you keep miscarrying? Have they starting running tests? I'm so scared I'm going to keep miscarrying. I have an idea that I'll give up after 4 because I will go insane. But maybe each time you just think "I'll try one more time" again and again?

I don't go much on the steak - I'm vegetarian! Haha! I use Floradix herbal iron supplement. X

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AmyAmyx Fri 17-Aug-18 09:11:11

Sorry, it looked like my post yesterday didn't publish so I typed another one!!! Now I can see yesterday's!

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