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St George's recurrent miscarriage clinic- info please!

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sunnyskies3 Fri 28-Aug-20 19:24:41

Hi there. I wondered how you got on with this as also deliberating St George’s vs long UCLH wait or private. I hope you had a happy outcome smile
Or has anyone else been seen there recently? Mainly interested to hear how thorough testing is compared to other options.

Mabelmay87 Wed 25-Jul-18 13:57:16

I've just spoken to the consultants secretary and apparently they don't even do karyotyping/chromosomal testing anymore!! So essentially I think all I'll have is a few blood tests. If anyone knows any different I'd welcome any further info.xx

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Mabelmay87 Wed 25-Jul-18 12:41:04

Hi all,

I was originally referred to UCLH but the wait is incredibly long so I've been referred to George's who can see me much quicker. Had anyone had any experience of St. George's recurrent miscarriage clinic?
Would really appreciate any info on experience/what to expect...etc.

Also has anyone gone private? I'm keen to at least have a consultation with a private doctor to try and see if I can get a plan together.


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