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MMC Question - I feel like I haven't bled enough (warning - detailed!)

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DuggeesWoggle Wed 25-Jul-18 11:04:40

Sorry this is long. Looking for experiences rather than advice, I'll call EPU in a day or two if no change. I'm going through a mmc at the moment, bleeding started last weds (7 days today) and it was confirmed on sat that the baby had stopped developing 4 weeks earlier at 8 weeks old.

After a couple of days of stop-start bleeding with a few clots but nothing huge, I went into hospital yesterday to get the medical management to get it going. In our hospital they give you 4 tablets to take at once and then send you home. I started cramping within 10 minutes although a dose of codeine really helped. At home I bled a bit more, looser redder blood and then all of a sudden after a couple of hours the sac literally just fell out of me while I was sat on the loo. I fished it out and saved for cremation (our hospital arrange this). No pain, no contractions, it was an utterly bizarre feeling.

Since then the bleeding has really died down and I have had very little pain but I don't think I can possibly have passed everything - I have read the thread on here full of people's experiences of huge floods and massive lumps. I've had nothing like that.

Can the bleeding stop and start or is that it? After 4 weeks with no life/growth could the womb lining have broken down/reabsorbed? Really don't want to have surgery to suck out the rest but can't believe it's all over so quickly and peacefully?!

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DuggeesWoggle Wed 25-Jul-18 14:32:08

Bump although I know it's a bit niche...

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