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Advice? Any happy successful babies born after three miscarriages?

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Minnie89 Wed 04-Jul-18 13:33:46

Today, I’m currently encountering my third miscarriage in a year.

I’m so heartbroken. There’s no explanation as to why. I’ve been poked and prodded so much this week. I don’t understand why I can’t seem to carry longer than 6 weeks? I’m doing all the things I’m supposed to. Myself and my partner are mentally and physically drained.

I was told by the doc, the last time, that they don’t see why I wouldn’t have a healthy pregnancy next time around, so automatically I was excited this pregnancy and put miscarriage to the back of my mind.

Has anyone had multiple miscarriages and been able to carry full term? I’d love to hear some happy stories if anyone has one? I’m just looking for some hope

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Wetwashing00 Wed 04-Jul-18 14:13:09

🙋🏻‍♀️ 3 miscarriages, unexplainable.
Started taking 75mg asprin a day. And carried a healthy baby full term.
5 years later miscarried (at 9 weeks) after taking midwifes advice to stop taking asprin.
Ignored midwifes advice, took then asprin and carried a healthy baby to full term.

Has asprin been suggested to you?

Sorry you’re going through the heartache of a 3rd. 💐

callywags Wed 04-Jul-18 14:14:59

So sorry to hear about your losses.
Definitely secon the aspirin.

I miscarried at 8 weeks and went on to have a beautiful baby after taking it.
Best of luck x

Minnie89 Wed 04-Jul-18 14:23:48

@wetwashing00 thank you for your reply. No, Aspirin has never been suggested to me. Can I ask what it does?

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Minnie89 Wed 04-Jul-18 14:24:36

@callywags thank you for your reply.

Wow I didn’t even know aspirin had a hand in helping with pregnancy?

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Stuckinstressville Wed 04-Jul-18 14:28:13

I had three ,one chemical and two mmc resulting in two erpcs and then at 7 weeks into another lost a twin but I am lying in bed feeding my 4 month old Gorgeous boy now.

I was referred to mc clinic at St. George's. It was deemed unexplained and they put me
On progesterone and steroids to try and help...

Hand holding as it is heart breaking . My
Friends were no help after the second as they figured I was coping. I wasn't and no longer talk to them.

Iggi999 Wed 04-Jul-18 14:35:41

I had three in a year like you OP, then a 4th a few months later. Steroids, progesterone, baby aspirin (seeing a pattern here?) and lots of vitamins led to a final, successful pg, who is at primary school now.
It is awful, and hope for the future won’t take away what you’re feeling now, but there is hope.

Wetwashing00 Wed 04-Jul-18 14:57:00

Aspirin has an antiplatelet effect, which means it makes the blood less sticky. Even though the investigations into my miscarriages showed no blood issues it still worked for me.
My consultant said it’s a little controversial, but 75mg daily wouldn’t hurt a pregnancy so it was worth a shot.

MrsSquiggler Thu 05-Jul-18 11:36:59

I've just had my 2nd mc and have been trying to read up about the causes. Have you had your referral for tests for recurrent miscarriage (3 mcs)? They would test your blood then - if you have a problem with blood clotting in a way that's great news, as it's treatable and they would then put you on the mini aspirin / heparin.

I think about half of cases of recurrent miscarriage seem to have no identifiable cause (at least that the NHS can identify). There was a recent study, the PROMISE trial, looking at whether progesterone supplementation worked in those cases. The trial found that the progesterone didn't work, but that nevertheless, nearly two-thirds of the women in the trial had their baby, whether they had progesterone or the placebo. That means there is still a good chance of a healthy pregnancy after unexplained recurrent miscarriage without any treatment at all. Considering they say around a quarter of all recognised pregnancies end in miscarriage, your risk of miscarrying next time isn't that much higher than normal.

Some other links I've found informative:

Things they will test for privately:

Iggi999 Thu 05-Jul-18 15:42:24

I had no bloody clotting issues identified but was still told to take baby aspirin in next pg.

topazbee Fri 06-Jul-18 00:20:57

I've now had 3 miscarriages in a year, 2 at 6 weeks and one at 9 although had stopped growing at 7 weeks....cant help but think its because of my age and old eggs. I have 3 older children ages 19,16 and 14 but am married for the second time. My previous pregnancies were problem free. Referred for tests although everything scan wise is fine. Anyone had any similar tales, cant help but think my body is telling me something, although I am fit and healthy otherwise 😢

Itscurtainsforyou Fri 06-Jul-18 00:28:19

I'm so sorry OP. I've had 3 early miscarriages & lost babies later and the pain can be unbearable.

There are loads of things than can contribute (including sperm issues, it's not just women).

After 3 miscarriages you should be referred to a recurrent miscarriage clinic for tests, including things like thrombophilia. If you can, try to get that arranged as it will tell you if there's a specific problem that can be treated.

If not, a specialist clinic will offer different things that may help you continue your next pregnancy. The things I know about include aspirin, metformin (a diabetes drug that some have found to help), hcg injections etc.

I wish you lots of luck

Thesearepearls Fri 06-Jul-18 00:31:06

flowers OP

I had three miscarriages and two ectopic pregnancies. Lots of medical intervention - more over the ectopics - and lost a fallopian tube

Then I had two DC

Chin up

LimpLettice Fri 06-Jul-18 07:19:06

Hi Minnie. It's the anniversary of the first of 3 miscarriages for me this week. It's soul destroying and you have my sympathy.

All before 8 weeks. Im 40 and really thought that was it. While I have a 9 year old, DH is childless and I was broken after the third loss in Feb. A cousin who is a midwife advised baby aspirin while I was waiting for the recurrent miscarriage clinic and I'm now nearly 21 weeks with a healthy boy. There's still a way to go yet and the anxiety can be crippling at times, but my consultant thinks the aspirin might have helped and certainly won't have hurt. I buy it in B&M for about 50p a packet. Good luck.

Minnie89 Sat 07-Jul-18 18:50:00

Thank you so much to everyone who has responded to me!!!

You’ve really helped myself and my partner with what direction we will be going in next.

We weren’t offered any tests, even though this is out third miscarriage in a year but we are determined to get some answers and to make some changes.

I really appreciate you’re kind words and advice ❤️❤️❤️

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Minnie89 Sat 07-Jul-18 18:50:50


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Neolara Sat 07-Jul-18 18:54:27

I had 4 mc and 3 dcs. My friend had 7 mc followed by 2 dcs.

bertielab Sat 07-Jul-18 19:01:39

Yes. I had 3 mmc in a year. No reason no help. Then ectopic and tube out. Then burst appendix other side and nearly died- 90% scarring in that tube.

Shortly after got preg with DC1. Then no trying, no wish to try, for DC2. Made a decision to try for DC2 and with one tube and aspirin -two weeks later pregnant and carried to 37 weeks.

I'd push for a referral.

Gard21 Sat 07-Jul-18 19:13:30

Over 36 years ago I had the first of 3 miscarriages. After the 3rd I was advised to give my body a rest for at least a year. I left it for the 12 months and I went on to have 2 DC.
I was never given any medication of a reason why.
I hope and pray that you get the long for child you want.

Reedrummond Sat 07-Jul-18 19:14:19

A close friend had four in a row, started taking half dose aspirin now has a beautiful healthy baby.

All the best.

whiteonesugar Wed 11-Jul-18 10:53:54

Yes, I had 3 MC, one was MMC at 12 weeks, then 7 weeks then 6 weeks. I was referred to recurrent miscarriage clinic and prescribed low dose aspirin and progesterone (Cyclogest pessaries) I fell pregnant a month later and had my son at 40+5.

Sadly i lost another when he was 6 months old, but that was deemed to be one that anyone would have lost, treatment or no treatment. Plus i started the treatment later this time as it wasnt planned.

we are currently looking to TTC again in the next month or so.

gabblako Mon 16-Jul-18 20:59:19

Hello Ladies, I have currently suffered with three miscarriages! My first miscarriage was in 2016 it was a missed mc at 13 weeks baby had stopped growing at 7.5weeks had to get an DC. My second MC was 6 months after my last mc this one was natural at 5 weeks. For my third pregnancy my local BEP clinic gave me progestrone,asprin,folic acid to take 5 weeks into that pregnancy I lost my baby naturally again. I gave up all hope, read online and didn't think I would ever have kids. I went to Liverpool Women's Hospital they was brilliant tested me for everything you can think of and nothing came back at all. Me and My partner tried again one last time soon as i find out i was pregnant again I went to my BEP clinic for a scan I was 7 weeks with a healthy HB I am currently 18 weeks tomorrow with a healthy baby girl!!.. please ladies don't give up, no matter how hard it gets don't you will get your rainbow baby! try not to stress as much and DONT BLAME YOURSELF these things happen its apart of human nature. What will be will be, sit back and relax don't give up. keep trying xxxx

topazbee Wed 18-Jul-18 19:58:19

I have been referred to the recurrent miscarriage clinic but in my GPs words, don't hold your breath as you already have children albeit to a previous partner, so they wont do anything, its just an age thing. Which I understand and am of course hugely grateful I have my boys. Just very difficult as my husband has no birth children and came in to my boys life quite late on. The miscarriages take everything out of me and being a healthcare professional myself I find myself just trying to carry on regardless but really its eating away at me.

Iggi999 Wed 18-Jul-18 22:43:47

Lots of people I know with rmc (including myself) started having trouble after they’d had a child, I wouldn’t assume they won’t try to help you.

littlecabbage Wed 18-Jul-18 22:47:41

Hi OP,

I'm so sorry for your losses. My mum had 3 unexplained miscarriages, followed by 3 healthy children. She wasn't given any treatment as far as I am aware.

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