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Had d&c after possible miscarriage!!!

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MiracleMomof4 Wed 13-Jun-18 19:46:25

Hello all, I'm going to try to make this post as short as possible with so much to say... Had tubal done in 2015 after my 3rr child (2nd csection) then I felt like something was off with my body so I took a HPT and they both were positive so I went 2 er where their urine test was negative but blood test was positive with hcg levels of 140 went to doc this past Monday and found out it might be a possible miscarriage so I had blood drawn again hcg levels went to 215 doc said it did not look like a successful pregnancy due to having alot of blood in my uterus so I had a d&c yesterday and I have 2 go back this coming Friday to see if my hcg levels lowered or what's what... Anyone went thru the same thing and found out they were still pregnant even after d&c was performed at follow up appointment? Please reach out, I'm going crazy. Thanks in advance!

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