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8 week scan, no growth since 7 weeks but still heartbeat

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Hobbes39 Wed 06-Jun-18 13:03:25

Hi - I am 7W6D today. We got pregnant from a FET from our 3rd round of IVF so I know my dates exactly. On our fresh round I had a miscarriage around now and it looks like I am likely to have one this time too, but I'm looking for some hope... or even some harsh reality.
At the scan last week (6w6d)we saw the embryo with a heartbeat and was measuring 6w4d - doc said he wanted me back again tho as scan was 'unclear' so felt worried but reasonably positive as we had a heartbeat.
Roll on this week and we had a different doc and the heart beat was still there (neither time did they measure its speed) but looking at it, it looked slow and she noted that it looked like it might be skipping a beat every-so-often. The depressing thing is that she was measuring the foetal pole as only being 6w4d again, so it appears to have stopped growing. As there is still a heartbeat I'm to keep going with the drugs and pessaries and go back next week, but the doc said that she's never seen a good outcome from this situation sad. Has anyone had similar?
Thanks x

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Hobbes39 Wed 06-Jun-18 18:11:57


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Whattheactualfuckmate Wed 06-Jun-18 18:14:40

hobbes I’ve been through ivf and it’s tough. Didn’t want to read and run. There is a heartbeat so I’d hope for the best but expect the worst.

Good luck love. flowers

Hobbes39 Wed 06-Jun-18 20:57:23

Thanks @Whattheactualfuckmate - thank you for replying.
We had a mmc on our 3rd fresh round, and seems this (our 3rd FET) is going the same way - I just was hoping someone might have so hope for me...

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