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Sezlex Wed 30-May-18 14:23:46

Hello, Just wondering if anybody has any similar experiences? I found out I was pregnant and from my date of my last monthly I should be approx 10 weeks. Approx 3 weeks ago I noticed blood on the tissue when I wiped, I phoned my midwife and they arranged for me to go to early pregnancy unit. I had an internal scan and they advised me that the gestational sac had implanted too low in the uterus and it looked like I was having a miscarriage. They also advised they thought the embryo had stopped growing at 5 weeks.They arranged for another scan a week later (last Thursday) to be sure if the next steps. At my second scan I was told that the embryo had grown from the week before and a foetal pole was now visible which was not before. I asked how has it grown if the embryo stopped growing at 5 weeks and she could not give me an answer. I’ve now got to wait until Friday for my third scan to see if they can detect a heartbeat(wasn’t visible previously). I’m currently still spotting on and off and have very swollen ankles. I’m so uncertain about the situation and just wondering if anybody can help with similar stories xx

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Michelle0507 Wed 30-May-18 16:13:52

Sorry can't help. I had a MC at 6w3d I was meant to be 8w but no heart beat.

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