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My ERPC journey (D&C)

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yellowmellw Mon 21-May-18 14:37:06

I just want to explain everything that happened today so that anyone going through it for the first time has more in detail info and I had a few questions before I couldn't find answers to. I had tried the tablet route which failed and I've been bleeds heavy for 4 days.

8am- arrived at epu and they scanned my tummy to double check baby was still in place and was still measuring (8w5d). They gave me 4 misoprostal tablets to swallow and completed the first part of my day surgery forms. The usual medical questions.

8.30- Brought up to the ward and given my bed. Nurses gave me some strong painkillers in advance of any pain.

9- anaesthesiologist introduced himself and double checked details. (Good idea to know your weight and height).

9.15- met the doctor who was to perform surgery and she explained everything that would happen.

9.30- tablets took some effect and I went to the loo a fair bit, they ask you to pee in a bedpan so they can check the clots, I had to leave the bed pan on the loo and call a nurse over to check. I also had mild diarrhoea which cleared quickly.

(Shared toilet with the other few women in the same position)

9.45- told to put on my surgical clothes and they measured my legs and put on the compression stockings. They gave me little net shorts/pants that rip easily and a big pad as I was bleeding heavily (they would remove these when I'm asleep).

10.30- walked round to theatre they double checked all my details and asked some more of the same questions. Told to lie down on bed and they put the iv into my arm (no pain).

11- woke up in recovery with mild cramping and a lovey nurse asking me if I was ok. She asked could she place a sanitary towel under me and I also had one of those waterproof big sheets under for leakage. Had a further nice sleep for 20 minutes.

11.20- nurse took a quick look at the pad, removed oxygen mask and then I went back round to the ward in the bed.

11.30- blood pressure and pulse measured constantly for an hour and they rechecked pad. They always asked my dp to leave for those moments. They gave me two cups of water to drink.

12.30- got some coffee and toast with butter and jam.

12.50- they removed the iv and gave me another pad to help me to the loo so I could put my own pants on and clean myself up. ( there was blood on the mat underneath which was quickly removed). Again dp was told to step outside curtain for this.

1pm- I got dressed, they rechecked blood pressure and pulse. Advised me of what I can and can't do, also give me a letter detailing what operation I had and who done it. I was told to bring this to a&e for explanation if I had any serious issues like big clots, signs of infection etc.

I don't need to go back aslong as everything is ok.

Hope this helps others and I was so worried before but the whole process was smooth.

I felt ok after just a bit crampy which settled quickly, they offered more pain killers but I was ok at that point.

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yellowmellw Mon 21-May-18 14:38:34

Forgot to add they asked me if I wanted the remains tested and then they would be cremated and sent to the garden of remembrance that we have near us for baby's and we said yes to all that.

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Pampl3m0usse Mon 21-May-18 15:07:44

Thinking of you today; hopefully a swift recovery.
Very lovely of you to share this for other's benefit at such a difficult time

yellowmellw Mon 21-May-18 16:35:39

Thank you I feel ok so glad I'm not bleeding as much anymore and just have a little back pain but think that's just from lying on it for few hours as I normally like to lie on my side.

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silverstarling1 Mon 21-May-18 16:46:31

Sorry to ask such a personal question but what was your experience with the failed tablets? I had medical management 2 weeks ago and I’m very worried it hasn’t worked but can’t get a scan for another 3 weeks. Hope your doing okay and Thankyou for sharing this!

yellowmellw Mon 21-May-18 16:55:30

They gave me 4 misoprostal tablets to drink down with water last Thursday (4days who). Half an hour later I was home and felt a bit dizzy but it quickly passed. 3 hours later I started to bleed and feel clots falling out. Hot water bottle helped but I only had mild cramps.

They said some people can have bad cramps and so they normally opt straight for ERPC. They sent me home and said they would call the next day to check the progress. I explained how I didn't think I lost the sac and so the girl immediately booked me for the ERPC which was today so I only waited 4 days for it.

I lost small clots for past 4 days and medium to heavy bleeding but I didn't pass the sac. The tummy scan this morning showed baby was still present and so they prepped me for the ERPC.

I struggle taking tablets and because I had to take 4 more before the surgery on minimal water (nil by mouth). They allowed me to let them dissolve under my tongue which took about ten minutes. Then after I was allowed pain killers. This time they worked a little quicker because some must have still been in my system from before. But I've been bleeding since Thursday so was not fed up now and wish I had of just went for ERPC the first time.

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yellowmellw Mon 21-May-18 16:56:58

Was it just tablets they gave you?

That's a long time to wait for rescan because you are at risk of infection during this time. Keep checking your temp isn't raised.

Maybe make a follow up call so they don't forget about you.

Sorry your going just through this also.

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silverstarling1 Mon 21-May-18 17:03:14

Yeah they gave me all on the same day, went home had very bad cramps and some clots but didn’t see a sac either, it’s been 2 weeks nearly and just stopped bleeding 2days ago, I was 6 weeks 1 day so they say I might not have saw the sac and to do pregnancy test 3 weeks after then call back :/

silverstarling1 Mon 21-May-18 17:03:52

I posted a thrrad today in this section that would explain better

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