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No embryo at 8w4d after chemical pregnancy miscarriage at 6w2d.. help?

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Tmw1993 Fri 11-May-18 13:41:54

Just after some advice really. This is my third pregnancy. First pregancy was normal and was just over 2 years ago and had to be terminated at 11 weeks because I had no support from my parents (I had no choice so please be nice!)
I am now living with my partner etc and we have started trying to conceive. 8w4d ago I had a miscarriage at 6w2d (I guess was a chemical pregnancy as at an early scan because of pain, they could see an enlarged uterus and nothing else.)
We weren’t given much advice so got to it again thinking it would take ages to fall pregnant again shock, it didn’t and this time I have been having pain again, so doc sent me for a scan at 7w1d, which showed the sac but nothing else, scan was re-booked for today and they said the sac has grown but no embryo. The sac measures 28mm when it needs to be 25mm to see anything. Docs said she thinks it’s non-viable but they are going to scan again in a week to make sure before they intervene.

I’m left a bit confused, I’m only 24, never thought I would have trouble conceiving. Has anyone had a lovely surprise with anything like this? Or what happens to me if nothing grows? Is this just going to keep happening?

Any advice or sharing of experiences would be appreciated.

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