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yellowmellw Thu 10-May-18 11:56:13

Went for my 12 week today and baby had stopped growing at 8+4. They are giving me a week to see if things move on their own. Don't know how to feel but so feel guilty

Pamplem00se Tue 23-Jul-19 17:47:02

@Michelle0507 thrilled to hear of baby Seb's arrival but so sorry you had such a traumatic time. I'd been wondering about how you were doing over the last few weeks. Like PineapplePrincess says always here if you want a chat.
We're 24 weeks here and I'm hot hot hot in the sunshine. Thoroughly fed up of being pregnant but very pleased to be beyond the point of viability. Have a busy few work months before maternity leave now. Funny to think that in a little over three months time we will all have our boys after our trauma last year xxx

PineapplePrincess Sun 21-Jul-19 08:38:52

Congratulations @Michelle0507 - so glad Seb made his arrival (lovely name btw).

Sorry to hear it was so traumatic - I hate the way birth, breastfeeding, etc is made out to be the most amazing, lovely and natural thing; they are far from it. They are hard work and physically and emotionally draining - something no one warns you about!?! That on top of the trauma of previous miscarriage is enough to break the strongest of people. I know I was in floods of tears at various points during the first month or so.

Hope you are getting the support you need and are managing to bond with Seb despite all the challenges. Don’t be hard on yourself, we can be uber critical of ourselves during these first few weeks and months - as long as baby is alive and growing, nothing else matters.

If you want to chat, even just to let off steam, give me a shout. xox

Michelle0507 Sun 21-Jul-19 08:15:00

Hi, sorry haven't updated you Seb William born 3rd July 6.55am 7lb4oz. I had lots of reduced movements in the last week so we were induced. I went in 8pm Mon nothing happened so they broke my waters at 11.50pm Tue and labour started at midnight! I was given morphine sadly it didnt suit and I dont remember much of the labour, I had to go to theatre for a 3rd degree tear. I woke up hours later having a panic attack as I couldn't feel him moving inside I didnt even know he'd been born. Sent home the next day but couldn't cope so we went back in for 3 days. Still struggling some days I'm waiting to be seen my perimental health who will hopefully support me for a year.

Hope you're all well x

PineapplePrincess Sun 21-Jul-19 00:07:22

Ooooh exciting!?! @Michelle0507, you must be due any day now - if you’ve not already had baba. Hope all is going well.

Eeeeeee! @Pamplem00se, glad everything is progressing well. Movements are so comforting when they come. A little boy too, how lovely!

I can understand you stopping at #4. I’m so tempted to try again as I’d love a girl, but not sure I could risk another boy (too much testosterone already in this household!!!)

Pamplem00se Sun 02-Jun-19 11:02:32

And I'm having a boy too ladies smile xxx

Pamplem00se Thu 30-May-19 19:09:04

Hello lovely ladies!!! What a sad time it was this time last year. I'm 16+4 today, feeling movements and finding out what we are having on Saturday! I can't believe you're already at 12 weeks pineapple princess. Can emphathise with the wanting one more.... but we are well and truly done after this one (#4!!) And it hasn't been an easy pregnancy.
Michelle - home straight and baby will be here in no time. I'm glad that they're taking your worries about childbirth seriously.

Michelle0507 Thu 30-May-19 11:47:30

Hi, I'm good thank you 34+2 and growing nicely. My bump measures small but on scans he is big apparently, so I'm having scans every 4w next one is 11th June. Huge anxiety around birth etc so I'm due to start under a team at the Hospital.
Mat leave starts 21st June! smile

Hope everyone else is well x

PineapplePrincess Thu 30-May-19 10:05:25

Hey guys - how are things going...?

Hope pregnancies are progressing well @Pamplem00se and @Michelle0507. flowers

We’ve hit the 12wk mark, healthy, happy and growing like nobodies business. Maternity leave is flying in and I’ve actually found myself contemplating trying again - madness I know, must be hormones going crazy!?!

PineapplePrincess Fri 05-Apr-19 23:15:52

Hey @Pamplem00se, glad to hear things are going well; and sending positive thoughts and best wishes for the next scan.

I was never quite sure whether multiple scans were a good thing - it was good to have the reassurance that things were progressing as they should, but my nerves were shot leading up to the scans each time.

My nausea was horrendous this last pregnancy, ended up signed off from work. Had really bad ‘morning sickness’ with first DS too, so I would definitely take it as a good indicator.

We are beginning to get a bit more settled and find a routine these days. A few bumps with BF and having to top up with formula, then finding out Gabe has a protein allergy (just like his big brother!). Switched to medicated formula, so hopefully that works!?!

Hope all is well with you @Michelle0507. xxx

@Ladybug84m sending heaps of baby dust your way. Hope you are doing well. xox

Pamplem00se Tue 02-Apr-19 13:41:30

How are you all doing ladies?
So I'm just over seven weeks now and had a reassurance scan last week and everything looked fine. Unlike all of my other pregnancies (including three successful ones!) I've had no bleeding at all so now find myself worrying about the lack of bleeding! Sods law!
Have another scan next week which I'm keeping my fingers crossed for.
I feel pretty dreadful (all day nausea) which I didn't have with my miscarried baby so I hope that's all a good thing.
Ho0pe things have settled down for you @PineapplePrincess (Seb is a lovely name!) and that @Michelle0507 you're finding the anxiety eases as time passes.

Michelle0507 Sat 09-Mar-19 21:35:45

@PineapplePrincess I just went on the internet and did a referral for Trent PTS who are local. Midwive dismissed it and told me I wouldn't be maternal if I didn't worry - she's an idiot.

I like it! The only name we've agreed on so far is Seb. The other half isn't even willing to consider any other names now, wish I'd never said it. Lol

PineapplePrincess Sat 09-Mar-19 21:25:07

@Michelle0507 - can I ask how you made a referral for counselling; was this via your GP? Tempted to do the same, although I’ve cried on so many midwives this week they may refer me themselves.

@Ladybug84 - good to hear your cycles are back on track. Sending baby dust your way. xox

PineapplePrincess Sat 09-Mar-19 21:17:19

We’re thinking Gabriel (or Gabe the babe) for short, @Michelle0507.

Michelle0507 Fri 08-Mar-19 20:42:45

Oh no @pineappleprincess, so glad he is better.

What did you call him? Apologies if you said and I missed it x

PineapplePrincess Fri 08-Mar-19 20:37:53

@Pamplem00se - yay!?! Oh wow, fab news - so excited for you. Completely understand your cautious approach however. I have fingers and toes crossed, but still quietly sqeee-ing.

@Michelle0507 - hope everything is progressing smoothly with you guys.

We’ve had a bumpy first week. Baby got readmitted to hospital this week due to severe jaundice. We have narrowly avoided a complete blood transfusion, his bilirubin levels were so high; but three days on phototherapy, jaundice seems to be reducing and we’re hoping to get home tomorrow.

Needless to say I have been an emotional wreck, convinced that everything was doomed and we were going to lose him somehow. I think the rollercoaster last two years is catching up on me.

Michelle0507 Fri 08-Mar-19 16:15:05

I hope things work out for you, be kind to yourself.

Ladybug84 Fri 08-Mar-19 14:40:29

That's great news!! I'm keeping fingers and toes crossed for you! Keep us posted xx

I've been quietly following this thread. It's great to see good news come in ☺️
I'm currently on the last days of my period. This is the second period since AF finally made its return in February (miscarriage was in August). Cycles are back on track, So we're ready to start TTC again. I hope it happens quick like the last time and that this time all goes smoothly. I'm sick of all the bumps on the road I've had since last summer 😓
happy day to you all brave warriors xx

Michelle0507 Fri 08-Mar-19 12:21:47

Hi Ladies,

I'm good thank you 22+3 and the bump has appeared. Can't wait to meet him.
Really nervous still I've done a referral for counselling.x

Pamplem00se Fri 08-Mar-19 11:19:50

@PineapplePrincess WELL DONE! I'm so pleased to hear about your little chap smile I hope that he's settling in well.....
@Michelle0507 how are you doing lovely?
So news from me.... I've got an appointment at the end of the month for cyst / query infertility / irregular cycles and spotting. I've been feeling a bit out of sorts this week so I did a pregnancy test.... and I'm pregnant. At least today. Incredibly early days but I'm hopeful and happy.... although I was beginning to come to terms with it not actually happening. Please keep your fingers crossed for me!

Ladybug84 Thu 28-Feb-19 07:33:35


Congratulations!!! Thanks for sharing the news. So happy for you and your success story. Loads of love 💕🎉🍼🍭🌷

PineapplePrincess Wed 27-Feb-19 21:22:04

waves to all

Hope everyone is doing okay. We’ve had a bit bit of a bumpy week, particularly after my waters broke Monday at 36+6. After delaying for steroid injections we finally got to meet baba this morning.

All 6lb 5oz of bouncing baby boy. He’s made it safe and sound, and is as cute as a button (a hairy little button - which may explain the horrific heartburn!?!)

Don’t give up ladies. Four miscarriages down, and at a 42, it is still possible.

Michelle0507 Fri 22-Feb-19 20:19:28

Thank you. From my experience working with children boys are a lot more loving and cuddly compared to girls.

It sounds like things could be hopeful for you. Just take care of yourself and be kind to yourself x

Pamplem00se Fri 22-Feb-19 20:14:15

So pleased to read this, congratulations @Michelle0507 my little chap is lots cuddlier than my girls (clearly love them all the same, but it's a nice side of having boys!!!). It gives me lots of hope (for me) and feelings of warmth for you!
My scan showed a cyst that's grown from my July scan, but GP is reassured as cancer markers normal in blood test and progesterone on the low side but suggests I'm ovulating (and possibly beginning to sort itself out after the last hellish year). Feeling cautiously optimistic! I've so much on right now that I think a pregnancy would freak me out a little (!!) but still hoping it will happen sooner rather than

Michelle0507 Fri 22-Feb-19 18:55:05

All was well at my 20w scan and it's a boy.

Hope you're all well lovelies.x

sadtoday21 Wed 13-Feb-19 17:46:31

@Pampl3m0usse I’m so sorry for your loss. The same exact thing happened to me - mmc at 12 week scan, stopped growing at nine weeks. It was four days before the one year anniversary of my mom’s death last year from breast cancer. And my first and only baby. This all happened to me on Thursday and I feel so empty inside. I just touch my stomach at night and think about my baby.

Sending you hugs and hope you find the strength to get through this. xxx

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