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Weird symptoms after ERPC

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Mistymeow Tue 08-May-18 13:40:18

Hi everyone,

I couldn't really find anything in my search but I was wondering if anyone had experienced similar.

I had an ERPC under GA 11 days ago. It all was fine, bled for 5 days, now just lightly spotting with a few abdo cramps. But I'm a bit concerned about my legs. I keep getting weird cramps all over both legs and some pins and needles. I've already scared myself reading about DVT but it seems odd that both legs are being troublesome (no swelling or redness, just cramps). I've also had a return of my pregnancy hormonal wooziness which I thought was also odd after they had disappeared a week ago (maybe hormones crashing?). I'm not due to take a pregnancy test until Friday so I'll know if there are any lingering hormones. I'm just a bit worried about the leg cramp thing because I can't find any info, but at the same time I don't want to bother the EPU if it's a common symptom.

Hope someone can advise!

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Ithinkthatsenough Tue 08-May-18 21:39:15

Hi, im almost 4 weeks post ERPC. Similar to you i recovered quite quickly and i took a pg test friday as advised 3 weeks post op and it was negative. Think i may have ovulated last week. The actual surgery and recovery was the least traumatic part for me. I lost my baby post 12 weeks and after a positive first scan so was bloody awful sad and such a shock.
I lost pg symtpoms in the first week (sore boobs, tiredness and general dizzyness) had quite bad headaches during that week, like i had in early pg and put it down to hormone levels dropping rapidly.
No problems with legs and rest of my body though... might be worth a trip to the docs to put your mind at rest? Fingers crossed for a negative test for you this week xx

Mistymeow Wed 09-May-18 17:27:24

@Ithinkthatsenough thanks for your reply, and very sorry to hear about your loss. After a positive first scan, that's really hard. I'm very sorry. Sending you love.

I think the cramps might be referred pain from discomfort to my uterus (I guess it's shrinking and getting back into place). I've decided if it's not gone by the weekend I'll book a doctor's appointment. It's not got any worse, and I'm really hoping for that negative pregnancy test on Friday!

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