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Confused after miscarriage

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Minigir123 Thu 03-May-18 17:11:29

Hey everyone I'm 27 years old I had a miscarriage last month I was 7 weeks pregnant with my first pregnancy I was and still am heart broken and devastated! I ovulated 13 days after my miscarriage I know that because I used the ovulation strips and got a smiley face and day before I got no smiley I DTD then a good few days before I ovulated and on the day and few days after that i felt so crampy and sick for 2 weeks after i ovulated I got my period when I was meant to but it only lasted 2 day and wasn't overly that heavy I done a pregnancy test and got BFN few days later I done another I left i for abit came back and another BFN I then came back to it an hour later and there was a wee line but I don't no if it was a fake line because it was sitting for awhile now I'm afraid to do sick feeling down all the time

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