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Bad skin

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Pips841 Sat 28-Apr-18 18:47:19

All I can say is eughhhhhh my body has no idea what is going on. I just want to be pregnant again 😭

KnitKitty Sat 28-Apr-18 18:45:12

I'm getting breakouts too. Had them on my forehead during pregnancy but now they're on my cheek and upper lip. Guess it's hormones.

TinyPaws Sat 28-Apr-18 17:02:06

I’ve had a breakout recently. I’ve also got bloated pregnancy belly, half-deflated boobs and feeling tired, crampy and nauseous. I really don’t like my body at the moment.

Pips841 Sat 28-Apr-18 16:32:19

How strange!!!

Melamine Sat 28-Apr-18 12:46:51

Yes I have a weird dry patch at the top of my forehead/hairline too 😩 I’ve been putting some moisturising oil just on that’s not really working!

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Pips841 Sat 28-Apr-18 12:38:55

My for head is super dry and red about 4 weeks into pregnancy and still now sad I'm
Desperate for a fix sad

Melamine Sat 28-Apr-18 12:27:37

Just wondering if anyone has been plagued with spots since miscarrying? I’ve always had good skin, except for a bout after i stopped the pill 10 years ago (went back on it and came off again - no problems). Not even any when actually pregnant but just in the weeks after. I know it must be hormonal and perhaps a little due to stress. But I hope it clears up soon 😢 (realise this should be the least of my worries but hey).

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