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So confused - please help :(

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snowbake Thu 26-Apr-18 17:52:13

I won't drag this out but myself and DP are in another country in the middle of nowhere on holiday. I am 10 weeks pregnant.

Yesterday morning I had a BM (sorry tmi) and about 10 mins later I started bleeding heavily with some small clots.
On the toilet I then passed what felt like a big solid clot along with more blood. I then bled like a period for the remainder of the day.

However today the bleeding is minimal and is now brown in colour like the end of a period.

I had barely any pain throughout all of this other than a few twinges.

Is it possible that I miscarried that quickly? I am going home in 2 days but I am going insane with all the confusion sad

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Yukka Thu 26-Apr-18 21:08:55

Hi @snowbake it is possible but not sure I've heard of it that straightforward at 10 weeks. I would recommend you go to a&e or epu centef when you get home, if you can't get to a hospital where you are now?

You deff need a scan to ascertain what's happened. Bleeding is less worrying but passing clots is a concern that you may have miscarried. It may be that heartbeat stopped some weeks ago and nature has taken its course hence little pain.

Really really hope it's need to be seen xx

snowbake Thu 26-Apr-18 21:15:58

@yukka thanks so much for the reply. We're in the middle of some Italian mountains with literally nothing around us for miles sad

Bleeding is now reduced to spotting and the sickness is definitely not as bad as it has been but just can't get my head around the fact that I miscarried so quickly with no warning or pain. But I definitely passed something hard and large so not keeping much hope.

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Yukka Thu 26-Apr-18 21:20:52

I can only sympathise, I've lost two but was earlier than you are. One was painful and one wasn't but both bleeding was a few days like normal period. It's really quite rubbish but at least you are home in 2 days and you can find out for sure.

trying to think of other things it could be.... hope you're ok.

BabloHoney Thu 26-Apr-18 22:12:05

Hi Snowbake.. so sorry you’re going through this! Just from my experience.. I miscarried at home at 12 weeks and there was an awful lot of blood and lots of very large clots (sorry to be a bit graphic) so I don’t think one clot and a day of bleeding would be a complete miscarriage. I also had a big bleed when I was pregnant with my son at around 6 weeks, big gush of bright red blood with clots, it was terrifying but I went on to have a healthy pregnancy. One of the worst things about bleeding in pregnancy is the not knowing and the waiting! Sending love to you, really hope all is ok x

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