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What does it feel like?

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KeefBurtain Tue 24-Apr-18 07:49:53

I got a positive pregnancy test on the 6th March. Last bleed was the 4th February but wasn’t a ‘proper’ period, so Because of this i was sent for an early scan. Scan on 5th April showed little baby with perfect little beating heart measuring 6+6. I was a little concerned as I expected to be 8+4 but sonographer said I probably ovulated later, or that the baby could catch up to match my dates by my 12 week scan.

Fast forward to Saturday, I woke up to brown blood. Went to the epau who said it could be normal but have booked me a scan for tomorrow.

Since Saturday the bleeding has got gradually worse, turning pink then red. No clots, just like a period. Mostly when I wipe but there was a small amount of blood on the pad this morning. I have hardly any pain at all, a few little niggles but nothing like I would expect to feel if I was miscarrying. Not having to take any painkillers.

Is there any hope that this isn’t a miscarriage? I would be 8+5 by scan dates but 11+2 by my lmp. My mind is flickering from accepting that it’s all over to maybe there’s a chance it’s not.

Just want to add that I’ve had no symptoms at all throughout the pregnancy but woke up this morning feeling slightly nauseous (maybe with worry?)

Thank you for reading.

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KeefBurtain Tue 24-Apr-18 07:52:34

Sorry, I’m 9+5 by scan dates (must remember to proofread)

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Namechangefailagain Wed 25-Apr-18 01:58:14

I had a bleed at around 8 weeks with my second child and was told I was misscarrying but went onto have a healthy little boy. I also had a miscarriage where I should have been around 10 weeks but baby stopped growing at 8 weeks. With this miscarriage i had an awful lot of pain and lost large clots. Fingers crossed everything is ok and sending prayers to you x

Ekphrasis Wed 25-Apr-18 02:49:35

I hope you're ok?

I'm afraid for me a similar situation didn't end well but I know many women who've bled a lot through pregnancy.

It did take around 5 days of spotting then mild bleeding for the cramps to start, not really cramps though more like contractions and at the height were quite painful.

Sending lots of positive thoughts and prayers for tomorrow. X

KeefBurtain Wed 25-Apr-18 14:43:47

I passed the baby in hospital this morning. Not one cramp or pain the whole time.

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Ekphrasis Wed 25-Apr-18 15:58:23

thanks I'm so sorry for your loss

cam1982 Wed 25-Apr-18 20:31:30

So sorry to hear this. Take good care of yourself xx

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