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Positive pregnancy and ovulation tests

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edinbeezer Mon 23-Apr-18 18:21:40

Hi all. I found out last week that my baby stopped growing at a little over 6 weeks. I had surgical management on Thursday and all went well. I am still bleeding a little bit but not in any pain. I was curious to see what a pregnancy test would show today and I decided to do an ovulation test at the same time - both are strip tests from amazon. I was quite surprised to see that both tests were strong positives. I was expecting that the pregnancy test would be but it does seem soon to be ovulating. Has anyone else experienced something like this as well?

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Pips841 Mon 23-Apr-18 20:55:11

I had the same - surgery on the 13th - ovulation and hpt both positive on cd10 which was a few days ago.

ILikeMyChickenFried Mon 23-Apr-18 20:56:26

Ovulation tests show positive if you've got pregnancy hormones in your body.

ILikeMyChickenFried Mon 23-Apr-18 21:00:25

I've just realised how horrible and blunt my reply sounded.

I am sorry you're going through this. Unfortunately, the pregnancy where I discovered OPK pick up pregnancy hormones ended in a miscarriage. I think your body needs to get rid of the left over hormones before you will ovulate again but I'm not 100% sure.

edinbeezer Mon 23-Apr-18 21:21:24

@ilikemychikenfried Thanks a lot for letting me know this. I'll hold off from starting ttc again until I get a negative test. I'm sorry that this has happened to you as well. It is really shitty.

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