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Mifepristone help.

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Laney79 Sat 21-Apr-18 13:18:11


Anyone found anywhere online that sells mifepristone? Safely?

It's 5 weeks today since I found out my bean had stopped growing. Waiting hasn't worked, the hospital have me 800mcg misoprostol on weds, which didn't work, and after GP got involved they gave me another 400mcg yesterday but it still hasn't worked.

From what I've read if you request an abortion they give you mifepristone first then 48 hours later misoprostol. Marie stopes says this is more than 95% effective. The misoprostol alone is more like 80-85% effective.

So as my useless body won't let go, and my trust won't give me mifepristone I'd like to try and get this sorted myself. I can't do surgery, it's just not an option for various reasons.

Any help appreciated

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